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Back To the Stone Age Flintstones Style House in Malibu

Who does not know the serial Flintstones movie, almost everyone understands and knows about the Flintstones movie… memories is also a wish to return generated by designing a house that resembles Fred Flintstone own house, one of the main charac...
by Creative Home Idea. Com on Mar 8, 2012

Wood heat is some of the best!

Hi guys,This is Corey checking in (Kelly's husband) and I am honored to write for Modern Earth Design today!This is the time of year when many of us are enjoying the heat from our fireplaces and wood stoves. It's very important that you clean your ch...
by Modern Earth Design on Feb 13, 2012

Cozy Swedish Apartment With Charming Wood-Burning Fireplace

This bright and cozy apartment… can be found in Sweden’s second largest city, Gothenburg. Situated in a central part of the city, the apartment features three bedrooms, each smaller than the other, but with a strong appeal and comfortable...
by khairuddinuad on Feb 7, 2012

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