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Let The Magic Fill Your Soul chords by Woodlore

F#m A F#m A F#m A I know you're busy here A F#m A But would it hurt to take a break, my dear? F#m A You're working yourself mindless D E You'll drive yourself insane F#m A You're pent up all alone F#m A You're going down a lonely...

Axe Felling

Felling in a mono culture of Ash with not even as much as a pigeons nest in it,  on the top of the South Downs earlier this week using the traditional axe & saw method, although the tools used, compared to those used in the past, would be consid...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Mar 14, 2014


Bullroarer made from some lovely seasoned Boxwood, hard work to carve, but the end result is worth it, makes one heck of a noise when it is spun around too.
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Feb 14, 2014

No Bother On The Rother

Fishing the Sussex Rother today for Chub, had one of about a pound and a half, lovely just being by the river though.
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Sep 28, 2013

First Show of 2013

Did my first show of 2013 today, it's not a big show or one that's particularity well attended, but it's one i really enjoy. I had a small stand at the event where i was selling a number of different items, from Gypsy Flowers to hand carved bowls,...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Apr 6, 2013

First Ember

Bit of a momentous occasion here today, when we got back from  the show we did earlier and had put everything away, we went out in the garden and started messing around with the bow drill, i got an ember, eldest got an ember, but youngest had never...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Apr 6, 2013

Hultafors Axe - First Impressions

It's been a few weeks now since i got my Hultafors axe and i thought i would jot down a few initial  thoughts on it, this post is in no way a review, as many people will know, i feel you cant review a product until you have used it for a good period...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Apr 4, 2013

Hultafors Axe

The latest addition to my stable of axes, a Hultafors Chopping Axe, 26 inch helve and a head weight of just under 2lb, with a 3 1/2" face, basically, it's the Hultafors equivalent to the GBA Scandinavian Forest Axe, but at a fraction of the cost...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Mar 18, 2013

Winter Bites Back

As i write this a good section of the UK is experiencing winter biting back and giving us a good covering of snow, although, where im based, we have less than an inch of the white stuff, but it's still snowing. And just to think, last week i was w...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Mar 11, 2013

Wetterlings Axe - Part 2

I made the time today to do up the Wetterlings axe i got on Wednesday and what a transformation it was. To start off with i coated the entire axe with paint stripper and let that do it's job, then once all the paint and varnish ahd been removed i...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Mar 1, 2013

Wetterlings Axe

Got this little beauty yesterday off my good mate Hugo on BCUK, the axe is a Wetterlings according to the sticker that's on it, but apart from that, i have no further details on it as to model or approx date of manufacture, it has a fifteen inch helv...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Feb 28, 2013

Favourite Set Up - (At The Moment)

One of my favourite tool set ups at the moment is that pictured. There is nothing flash or expensive about the gear either, the axe is the one i recently bought back to life from a rusty lump of metal to a good usable tool at a total cost of £7.0...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Feb 22, 2013

Long Handled Spoon Knife

I made this spoon knife a few months back from a Mora 163 Double Edge spoon knife, as i wanted/needed a spoon knife where i could apply more force and therefore torque to the cuts i was making when carving bowls and spoons. So, having made and now...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Feb 20, 2013

Mora Classic No.1

A little while ago i was sorting through the knife drawer and rediscovered my old Mora No.1, i used to love this knife and I used it all the time, as you can probably tell by the state of the handle. I cant remember exactly why i stopped using it, bu...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Feb 1, 2013

Snowy Bimble

Had a really good bimble over the Downs today with Hugo & Rockmonkey, when we left home this morning, the snow had all but gone, but when we got the other side of the hill, it was still a wonderful wintry  landscape, and as we don't get snow tha...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Jan 23, 2013


Winter is finally here, well it is for me anyway, as yesterday saw the first big flock of Fieldfares arrive out in the back field, and the arrival of these migrants, means winter has finally arrived. Many people seem to forget that in the UK we do...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Jan 22, 2013

Gone Tracking

Wing print One of the things ive really enjoyed over the past few days is tracking the animals and birds in the snow.  For a start, ive been able to track and note the route the Fox takes for future reference, so i can set up a camera trap, i h...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Jan 21, 2013

Snow - I Love It

As many people are aware, the UK got a bit of a covering of snow yesterday, where i live we got a light covering of about two to three inches and by last night it had already started to thaw, well before it froze again with the sub zero overnight tem...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Jan 19, 2013

Good Company

Went for a really nice long walk in the cold and ice today with my two best buddies Hugo & Rockmonkey from BCUK, well i say a  'long' walk, it was only just under eight miles in reality, but man alive was it chilly, mind you when it's this cold...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Jan 16, 2013

Early Colour

Went for a short walk up the lane earlier as i needed to stretch my legs and clear the old mind after doing some paperwork, and there in the hedgerows, are wild Violets in full bloom, but knowing that we have Viola's, Primulas and Daffodils in the ga...
by Mark Emery - Countryman on Jan 8, 2013

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