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Chinese New Year in Liverpool – Part 2

Following on from my previous post with some of the film photographs I took during the Chinese new year celebrations in Liverpool, here are some of my digital photos from the same day.
by Digital Relish on Feb 8, 2014

The Year Of The Horse: Equestrian Chic

(Via the Fashion Artista)The Lunar New Year was celebrated on January 31st, but the festivities tend to go on for weeks.  Actually, it is the Year of The Wooden Horse.  Today, we won't be taking this year of good luck and prosperity too lit...
by Shop This on Feb 4, 2014

Year of the Whores

Friday saw the start of the Chinese new year, with this being the year of the horse. Unfortunately, we have all had problems with predictive text but how much worse was it that the BBC News’ subtitle system logic didn’t cope with the phrase and i...
by DaithaiC on Feb 3, 2014

A Table for 7 the Lop Eared Rabbit and the Iguana.

Cece always thinks of Yun’s parties like the Salons of ages past.  ” A salon is a gathering of people under the roof of an inspiring host, held partly to amuse one another and partly to refine the taste and increase the knowledge of the...
by the two whos on Feb 3, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR 2014 2014 is the Year of the Wood Horse — or, the Year of the Green Horse, being that Wood is the element of spring, when plants have their new growth. And, in the Five-Element Cycle (Wood to Fire to Earth to Metal to Wat...
by on Jan 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year!

      What can be better than celebrating one new year this month? Why, celebrating two of course! Today marks the Chinese New Year. It’s a time for celebrations, for good luck and for traditions. It is also time for a whole new...
by Larger Family Life on Jan 31, 2014

Happy Chinese New Year Everyone!

To all my readers, I would like to wish you a happy Chinese New Year!  If you were born in the year of the horse (like me!), don’t forget to wear red items today to bring in good luck for the year to come.  If you plan to marry and it’s...
by Thrifty Pinoy on Jan 30, 2014

Lazy Shopping: Happy Chinese New Year!

I will admit, I don't pay that much attention to Chinese astrology, but I was born in a year of the horse, and considering some of the competition (rat, ox, snake), I think that's a pretty good sign to have. As of this Friday, January 31st, we're ent...
by Cheryl Shops on Jan 30, 2014

Gong Xi Fa Cai - Happy New Year

Gong Xi Fa Cai To all of my Chinese friends in Malaysia and back home in the US I'd like to wish you all a very happy, healthy and prosperous New Year.
by Retired in Malaysia on Jan 29, 2014

Chinese New Year: The Year of the Horse

The Chinese New Year begins on January 31,2014 with the Wood Horse galloping into our lives creating many opportunities for fast victories, unexpected adventures and yes, even some surprising romance! The new moon always ushers in Chinese New Year an...
by the two whos on Jan 29, 2014

2014 Year of Wood Horse Horoscope

Are you ready for the new Lunar New Year? The Lunar New Year for 2014 is this Friday, January 31st. The Lunar New Year starts with the first new moon of each calendar year and ends on the full moon. 2014 is the year of the Wood Horse. So what does th...
by Scorpio Season on Jan 25, 2014

258 Million People on the Move during Chinese New Year but No USB Sticks

The knock on impact of the extended holidays and factory and office closures is that pretty much nothing gets manufactured or shipped for a 2 – 3 week period. Our partner factory in Shenzhen closes this week-end and won’t start manufacturing USB...
by USB2U on Jan 24, 2014

Marriott Manila Ushers In the Good Fortunes of the Year of the Horse

Gong Xi Fa Chai, good fortunes for the new year! Welcome the Year of the Wooden Horse with the best of fortune as Marriott Hotel Manila offers Chinese New Year promos to add to your celebrations! It is considered good luck to eat Nian Gao (loca...
by The Food Alphabet on Jan 21, 2014

Chinese New Year: Life Sized Horses to Be Sculpted from Sand

Life sized horses will be created from sand at Whitehaven Beach in Queensland, Australia, each day during the Chinese New Year...
by Accidental TravelWriter on Jan 19, 2014

Diamond Hotel welcomes the Year of the Horse features Feng Shui Master Marites Allen

  Welcome the year of the Horse at Diamond Hotel The Year of the Horse marks a vibrant year that promises strength, prosperity and esteem.  Celebrate this special event at Diamond Hotel Philippines and welcome a year filled with happiness and suc...
by The Food Alphabet on Jan 13, 2014

The Year of the Horse is Galloping Towards us at Breakneck Speed

If you’re looking to source branded or promotional USB sticks for use any time in the next few weeks then you need to familiarise yourself with the Chinese Zodiac Calendar Why? Well, 99% of all of USB memory sticks in the world are manufactured in...
by USB2U on Jan 8, 2014

2014 - The Year of the Male Green Wood HORSE!

The Chinese New Year is swiftly approaching, this year the 4711th Chinese New Year is on January 31st, the Year of the Horse starts on February 4th.To be specific - it is the Year of the Green Wood Horse!  The Chinese calendar connecting the 12...
by The Daily Jewel on Jan 8, 2014

2014 - Rok Konia

Jest, nareszcie się zaczął. Nowy Anno Domini 2014 rok, Rok Konia. Na razie jest jeszcze młodziutkim... O Japonii i Dalekim Wschodzie ... inaczej. Blog japonisty, kulturoznawcy i ... maratończyka...

2014 - Rok Konia

Jest, nareszcie się zaczął. Nowy Anno Domini 2014 rok, Rok Konia. Na razie jest jeszcze młodziutkim...

Happy New Year!!!!

As we all get ready to shake the hand of 2013 as we push it out the door (Great year..glad to know ya…na na na na, na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbyyyyeee…) and anticipate ringing in the New Year sleeping, dancing, or playing Yahtzee, let...
by Humoring The Goddess on Dec 31, 2013

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