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I was born in Hong Kong and raised in the States. I was quite a tomboy during my childhood, but became an avid cosmetic and fashion fanatic when I found my womanhood. It was, awesome and enlightening. Lets just say, the clouds parted and a giant sunbeam of magnificent magnitude shot down on me . . . despite giving me the worst sunburn of my life . . . it transformed me. (Note to self: Next time use SPF 100. Seriously.)

"I'm not a MakeUp Artist, but I play one online." - Vivienne.

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A fun review of beauty products and fashion envy.

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  • Makeup Haul, Because Every Makeup Guru Does It! Duh!And why shouldn’t I, a pretend makeup guru, do the same thing? Lancome The thing I love, love, LOVE about Lancome is when they add gifts to your purchase. Buy one item and receive major beauty product haul! LOVE IT! I think I only purchase items fr...
  • DIY on a Budget: Natural Make Up Remover, Bitches!
    on Sep 18, 2011 in MakeUp MakeUp Tips DIY
    Economic crisis, what? Unemployment, what? How am I going to stay looking beautiful?? Why pay $5 - $20 for a make up remover when you can make one at home? Hey! Look what I found around the house? Extra Virgin Olive Oil Witch Hazel An Empty Plasti...
  • Damn You Raccoon Eyes! In my last post, I briefly touched on preventing mascara smudges. However, it was a “tip”, not an in depth “how to” apply powder appropriately to stop the damn smudges! You know how men get that sexy 5 o’clock shadow? *growl* Well,...
  • Four Mascaras Later
    on Sep 10, 2011 in Lashes Beauty Mascara Cosmetics
    I absolutely love trying out new brands of cosmetics, no matter if I’ve found my perfect match. So my latest obsession involves seeking for the perfect mascara. I have been seeking far and . . . not so far at stores and websites. I’ve used inexpe...

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