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AHA Group Recovery Websites is a company devoted to creating as well as maintaining addiction and recovery based websites. We currently have three sites live including our flagship site "Addicts Helping Addicts" or AHA; a addiction information and blog site. In addition to AHA, we have a social networking site also for addicts and alcoholics, creatively name "Familiar Misery." In covering all our basis, the third site up and ready to help is a forum called, "The Drug Forums", which unlike the previous is quite a un-creative name. This site is for anybody who would like to ask a question regarding addiction or just start a discussion to gain other addicts and alcoholics views on your particular matter! All three are always and will forever be free. Take a stroll over and gain another tool in your recovery toolbox!

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Addicts Helping Addicts is an addiction and recovery based information website which also provides.. many interactive features all designed to help the recovering as well as struggling addict!

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