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Anupam is an accomplished management, marketing, and technology leader, with 21+ years of experience, having worked in senior positions with IXIA, Polycom, Microsoft, Silicon Graphics, Hewlett Packard and Kent Ridge Digital Labs, directing teams to develop and launch globally-renowned products, generating up to $350M/annually. With a Degree in Engineering from IIT Karagpur, India, Masters’ degree in Computer Science from IIT Kanpur, and Masters in engineering and MBA from Sloan School of Management, MIT, Cambridge, MA, he has to his credit three world-wide patents, has published 10 technical papers, and is a featured speaker at several industry conferences worldwide.

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The AdTrak 360 blog provides up to the minute information on new feature updates, industry trends.. and overall marketing best practices for current and potential AdTrak customers alike.

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Build Your Career is the IEEE Computer Society's career-development blog, the place to come to.. find out about the latest career trends for computing professionals at any stage of your career.

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One of the best ways to learn about Compliance is by reading about happenings and opinions in the.. blog post of eGestalt. Get the top HIPAA and OCR Audit blogs and get a unique perspective to.. pressing new compliance and audit problems.

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Lingotek is the leader in collaborative translation technology that is transforming the way.. companies translate and localize information, making the process faster, less expensive and more.. accurate.

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