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Cardiovascular disease is the biggest cause of death in the world .Fruits like blueberries,.. currants, garlic, grapes, strawberries and tomatoes have proved to be good food for the heart.

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In reality you cannot target a specific area on your body to lose fat. In order to lose inner thigh.. fat fast, you'll have to engage in some exercises. You also need to find the proper nutrition.. to lose thigh fat like fruits and vegetables.

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Other Tags: weight loss, obesity, fat, fitness, diet

The brain is one of the most complex and largest organ in the body. It is also the center of human.. nervous system. Some of the food for the brain are Fish, Almonds and Chocolate.

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Whole grain is a better food choice for people that are serious about diabetes prevention.

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Good nutrition is very important to keep your eyes functioning and healthy throughout your lifetime... Dark circles and bags under your eyes are caused by being tired or stressed.

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  • Healthy Heart Diet: Beans
    on Sep 11, 2012
    TweetBeans counts as both a vegetable and a protein source. Beans are excellent source of folate, magnesium, calcium, B vitamin thiamine, potassium and manganese. Beans are a great heart-healthy diet. Regular consumption of beans is li...
  • Heart Healthy foods: Cranberry, Mango and Pomegranate
    on Sep 11, 2012
    TweetCranberryHeart healthy food such as cranberry fruits are excellent source of vitamin C and phytonutrients, such as flavonoid and proanthocyanidins. They are also rich in fiber. According to a study published in the Journal of Agriculture, it was...
  • How to Reverse Heart Disease
    on Sep 10, 2012
    TweetHeart diseases is used to describe atherosclerosis (the hardening of the artery walls due to the accumulation of plaque, which contains cholesterol, fatty material, and cellular debris) of the coronary arteries. The coronary arteries are the blo...
  • How to Stop Eating So Much.
    on Sep 3, 2012
    TweetObesity is defined as a state of being more than 20 percent above "normal" weight. The increased obesity in young adults and children is as a result of increased consumption of high fat and high carbohydrate snacks and fast foods. Obesity i...
  • Ways to Stop Food Cravings
    on Aug 31, 2012
    TweetFood consumption during the 20th century has changed greatly. The total dietary fat intake has deceased from 32 percent of calories in 1909 to 43 percent; carbohydrate consumption reduced from 57 percent to 46 percent; and the intake of protein...
  • Get rid of Fat thigh with Peanut.
    on Aug 16, 2012
    TweetFood is the source of human health which can also lead to illness. Food is also a source of pleasure and a cause of pain. In the society today, there are strong pressures to look good. Reduced self esteem is very common among over-weighted peopl...
  • Foods for a Healthy Heart: Grapes, Strawberries and Tomatoes.
    on Aug 13, 2012
    TweetGrapesFoods for a healthy heart such as Grapes are rich in vitamin C, potassium and a small amount of fiber. Red grapes contains carotenoid lycopene which helps in fighting against cardiovascular diseases. Grapes contains an antioxidant whi...
  • Heart Healthy diet: Blueberries, Currants, and Garlic.
    on Aug 13, 2012
    TweetBlueberriesHealthy heart diet such as blueberries contain antioxidant carotenoid which helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases, increase the ultraviolet protective capacity of our skin, decrease the incidence of age-related degeneration, r...
  • Food for the Brain: Fish (Omega-3 fatty acids foods).
    on Aug 13, 2012
    TweetFish is a food of excellent nutritional value which provides a high quality protein and a variety of vitamins and minerals. Fish is also a good source phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, and iodine. Fish may be classified as whitefish, oily fish or...
  • Food for Brain: Almonds.
    on Aug 13, 2012
    TweetAlmond is a great source of many nutrients which helps in the development of the brain. Almond promotes high intellectual level. It is also an essential food for raising children. Many mothers give  almonds soaked in water to their children...
  • Good brain food: Chocolate
    on Aug 13, 2012
    Tweet Chocolate originates from the pods of the cacao tree. Cacao is the Aztec word for "chocolate." The pods contain seeds that are turned into a paste known as "chocolate liquor." Many chocolate are from the liquor. The seeds of the cacao have...
  • How to get rid of under Eye Bags.
    on Aug 11, 2012
    TweetPuffy eyes is the appearance of swelling in the tissues around the eyes. Puffiness under the eyes also known as bag under the eyes may be a temporary problem.A swollen eye can result from fluid retention, stress, too much salt, too little sleep,...
  • How to improve your eyesight with Spinach.
    on Aug 10, 2012
    TweetThere are 3 main types of spinach: smooth leaf, savoy, and semi-savoy. All are delicious and rich in nutrients. Spinach is a leafy, green vegetables that contains many beneficial vitamins and minerals that may help protect your eyes from certain...
  • How Carrots improve eyesight.
    on Aug 10, 2012
    TweetCarrots belong to a diverse group of vegetables known as "tap root". They grow down into the soil rather than up to the sun. There are over 40 different pigmented varieties of carrot which vary in the type of phytochemicals they contain. Majorit...
  • How Papaya improves eyesight naturally.
    on Aug 10, 2012
    TweetThe papaya is also known as "Papaw" or "Pawpaw" in Australia and "Mamao" in Brazil. Individual fruit can weigh up to 20 pounds. There are 2 types of papayas; Hawaiian and Mexican. The flesh of  Hawaiian papaya is usually orange or pinkish w...
  • How Kiwi fruit improves vision.
    on Aug 10, 2012
    TweetThere are more than 50 species of kiwi fruits. The kiwi fruit has the combined effect of eating an orange and a banana. The kiwi fruits has a number of health benefits because of the presence of antioxidant. Flavonoids are antioxidants present i...
  • How Apricots improve vision naturally.
    on Aug 10, 2012
    TweetThe apricot belong to the Rosaceae family, which includes other tree fruits such as the apples, pear, and peach. There are approximately 40 different varieties of apricots which differ in sizes and in colors ranging from yellow to orangey red. O...
  • How to get rid of Thigh Fat.
    on Aug 10, 2012
    TweetFoods that are high in calories sometimes lack nutrients and organic salts. It is very important that we study the composition of  food regarding the amount and the type of vital elements that they contain if we want to lose weight. In orde...
  • Lose Thigh Fat with Oolong Tea.
    on Aug 10, 2012
    Tweet The fast food that people consume everyday is doing much more damage than making them fat. Our western diet is actually killing us slowly. More than fifty thousand years ago, man grew up consuming a plant-based diet. Our modern diet t...
  • Lose Thigh Fat with Black Tea.
    on Aug 10, 2012
    TweetControlling your body weight may be a difficult job to do. Initially, people experience dieting as a time of hardship. Women tend to be more determined to lose weight, and are also more impatient with their progress. Even after reaching a health...