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Debra J. Gordon is an inspirational writer, former UPI guest commentary and peacekeeper, on a mission of destiny.

I've been writing since the postage stamp was five cents. Well, maybe seven cents. I was inspired inpart by my Uncle Allan McMillan, who was a New York based syndicated columnist and publicist.

Perched behind a huge mahogany oversized desk, in his office atop The Ed Sullivan Theatre on Broadway, he wrote the society column for the infamous Amsterdam News in Harlem. Uncle Allan was the only African American news journalist, ever allowed to interview Al Capone. That was during the era when The Cotton Club was THE club. (And, yes Mom... I must give you proper credit too for those inherited literary genes!).

My writing takes an edgy look at life purpose, truth, destiny and the other side of life. Bold enough to be big-screen-scenes, the mystical meanderings with God will take you into the dreams and visions found on the backdrop of my eyelids. Contemporary yet old fashioned, I AM-- the way to love and light.
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We promote universal peace via inspirational articles, videos, educational opportunities and more... You are special. Shine your light on the world!

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The Wisdom of Love... is written to promote peace, love, harmony-- with a focus on weddings and family. The site visitor.. will find inspirational articles, videos, eCourses, green products, etc. We hope to empower-- YOU. .. Shine your light on the world!

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All Things Zen is written to promote tranquility, simple living; travel destinations and unique.. eating spots. We hope to empower-- YOU. Shine your light on the world!

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    “…It is the very heart of due process of law.”The ancient right of habeas corpus guarantees that no one can be arrested by the state or seized in any fashion and held without being brought before a judge, charged with a crime and having evidenc...
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