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  • Nearly 50 years of age, Janet Jackson Got She's First Pregnant?
    on May 6, 2016
    The news comes as she postpone a concert tourYounger sister of the late Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, reportedly was carrying she's first child. Just a few days before Mother's Day the World on May 13, a source confirmed the news to Entertainment T...
  • Ariel Winter: 25 Pics of Our Favorite Modern Family Star!
    on Apr 22, 2016
    We know what you're thinking - favorite Modern Family star? Isn't the entire Internet still obsessed with Sofia Vergara?It certainly is - but at this point, the show has been on so absurdly long that the torch is now being passed to a...
  • Selena Gomez Attended Reject All Justin Bieber's Concerts
    on Apr 9, 2016
    She was furious after Justin spotted together Hailey Baldwin.Selena Gomez refused to come to all the concerts Justin until he apologizes to her for all the drama that was created at the iHeartRadio Music Awards. Selena upset after catching Justin Hai...
  • This is Kylie Jenner's Biggest Fear
    on Apr 6, 2016
    She began to imagine how she would look when older.At the age of 18 years, the reality show star Kylie Jenner begin to imagine how changes in her appearance as she grew older. He even felt concerned with the change in her face when she is old, 10 yea...
  • Just Wear Towels , Justin Bieber Photos in Middle Road
    on Apr 2, 2016
    Justin Bieber re -create the sensation . A few hours ago this Canadian singer uploaded a photo he was in the middle of the road , using only a towel covering his lower body.Baby 'singer does not explain in which way the photo was taken , and he did n...
  • The Struggle Not Normal Andy Lau and wife for second child
    on Apr 2, 2016
    Andy Lau focus for two years to undergo treatment. Andy Lau and his wife, Carol Chu reportedly soon be blessed with a second child. Carol was four months pregnant and the baby is expected in the fetus gender male. Not easy for Andy and Carol to...
  • Tom Hiddleston Ready to End Loki
    on Mar 31, 2016
    Tom Hiddleston not deny himself would appear in the movie Thor: Ragnarok to return to play villain Loki. But he also revealed that the film will be the last for him to become a Loki."Thor 3 would be really cool because I have to play it for four year...
  • Open-aperture splashy photos Most Beautiful Women of the World
    on Mar 30, 2016
    Sexy pictures for Nana adorn the pages of the famous magazine.Personnel girl group Orange Caramel, Nana, managed to surprise the fans. Nana look sexy and seductive in a photo that circulated in cyberspace.In the photo that circulated, women who earne...
  • Threated Divorced, Angelina Jolie Frustrated?
    on Mar 26, 2016
    Jolie feel burdened.The issues surrounding domestic rift Angelina Jolie with Brad Pitt inexhaustible discussed. Some time ago, the household is rumored to be divorcing couples. Pitt mentioned already contacted a lawyer and intends to sue for divorce...
  • Kristen Stewart Very Intimated with Boyfriend
    on Mar 26, 2016
    Kristen Stewart and her new boyfriend Soko were enjoying a love affair that blossomed. Both seemed more intimate and inseparable.Christian and Soko again seen together on Thursday (17/03/2016) in Paris. Couple actresses and musicians back to spend ti...
  • Adele Slams Terrorists, Dedicates Song to Brussels Attack Victims: Video
    on Mar 23, 2016
    Feeling the love. Adele made an emotional dedication to the victims of the Tuesday, March 22 terror attacks in Brussels during her London gig that evening at the O2 Arena, while her audience waved their phone lights in the air.The 27-year-old perform...
  • Gigi Hadid Just Shut Down a Twitter Hater Who Criticized Her Love Life
    on Mar 23, 2016
    We imagine that if you could bottle up all of Gigi Hadid's sass during her runway strut and turn it into a perfectly composed tweet, this is what it would be like.The supermodel clapped back at a Twitter user earlier today, who decided to give their...
  • This is Top 10 Sexiest Hollywood Actress
    on Mar 12, 2016
    The Top 10 of our horny further as nice actresses have a bunch of celebrated celebrities. gifted girls, have with success complete their transition to real picture stars with an exquisite career. lots of those stunning actresses have had blockbuster...
  • WOW! will She or does not She?!
    on Mar 10, 2016
    Selena Gomez is putt the "hot" in "Paris." It's silent, do not you recognize -- the "hot" is silent.What's not silent, however, is Gomez's lovable  wardrobe malfunction ... that happens on the lower 1/2 this icon, not unconcealed here for obviou...
  • Synopsis of The Revenant (Hot Movie of the Years)
    on Mar 9, 2016
    Drama Hollywood movie "The Revenant" is a Hollywood movie that came from the United States with the Drama genre. The film is directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu and the script was written by Mark L Smith. This film starring the handsome actor Leo...
  • Trollop! One Direction Niall Horan Caught peeing on Roadside
    on Mar 6, 2016
    It seemed there was no other word that can describe the behavior Niall Horan recently besides Trollop. How not, the personnel One Direction is caught peeing in the street, as there is no bathroom near where he stood.Whether what Niall had in mind whe...
  • Sexy and Hot Khloe Kardashian contains a artiodactyl Toe, and it's a reputation
    on Mar 5, 2016
    Khloe Kardashian might have crossed into the latter throughout associate degree interview with Nylon magazine, during which she release a couple of personal downside that follows her everyplaceHer artiodactyl toe.And it even contains a name."I have a...
    on Mar 4, 2016
    Well, it's the end of another week and we're all looking forward to some down time. I know I am. What better way to celebrate another temporary dose of freedom than spending a little time looking at model Abigail Ratchford's incredible tits on displa...
  • Kendall Jenner: Parisian lensman Puncher?!
    on Mar 4, 2016
    She’s mature up with cameras perpetually close her ever move, however it appears like Edward Calvin Kendall Dr. finally had enough press attention whereas enter Paris, France on weekday night (March 3).According to multiple sources, the “Keeping...
  • Tragic, Sexy Model Killed Stabbed 140 Times
    on Mar 3, 2016
    She was stabbed while partying.Sexy model from Russia, Stefania Dubrovina died at the hands of her own brother, Elizavetta. Stefania was stabbed 140 times by the brother. Stefania died at the age of 17 years.This incident occurred on 24 February in a...