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Hello there! :)
Im not so great at "about me's" but anyway..
Im 24 years old, I work as an internet marketer online and well I live a laptop lifestyle! I work with a group called the Six Figure Mentors, they have been fantastic in helping me build an online business! and made my life a lot happier!

Before that I worked in retail from the age of 16, I became a store manager by 20 but ended up giving away 60+ hours of my life a week away! and I was just really not happy!

I live in Telford, UK with my 2 dogs and cat... you could say im very obsessed with cats but I just find them to be.. well better than a lot of people really! (and a lot fluffier :D )

I blog as often as I can about current events, tips for people trying to get into my line of work, cats... yes cats, and various other things!

Anyway feel free to drop me a messege on any social media platform I have listed, I hope your having a good week wherever you are!

If you wish to learn more about the SFM and internet marketing, there is a link below to my free boot camp :)

Tony :)

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Sometimes in life we all have bad things.. or worse happen! get in tough spots and have to find our way out.. so tell me Do you land on your feet like a cat? or hit it face first like toast? :(

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A blog about Simple Lead Capture, a free piece of software that can create custom and effective.. landing pages, totally free for life

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Change the rules on what you can control, and you will change the rules on what controls you!

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Trading off free time for money is something we all have to do.... wait really? who wrote that rule? find your way to make it out the rat race!

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