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I'm a pastor, life coach, and blogger. I hold a BS degree in Clinical Psychology from Liberty University, and a Masters and Doctorate in Biblical Studies from Andersonville Theological Seminary.
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Questioning the wisdom of Christians getting tattoos and does it hurt their witness.

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Other Tags: Christ, tattoo, tats, Leviticus, practice

Just Thinking about our culture from a biblical worldview. Tag - You're examines the negative.. tagging of Christians you stand for biblical principles.

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Other Tags: Christian, homosexuality, abortion, A&E, Robertson

Part of a conversation a father had with his son concerning the US Constitution and its importance... The son is a law study at Duke School of Law and his father is a Marine and law enforcement officer.

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Other Tags: consititution, God, America, polls, voting

With the advancement of gay marriage through the courts and in agreement with a majority of.. Americans the Church in America is headed for difficult times.

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Other Tags: gay, marriage, bible, courts, sin

From HGTV, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and texting God's name is used and abused without a.. second thought. Have we gone to far?

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Other Tags: HGTV, God, Name, abused, Facebook

A story of God's grace. Truly a miracle that clarified some certainties in our home and can in.. others as well.

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Other Tags: healing, cancer, brain tumor, glioblastoma, Christ

A review of the film the Son of God

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Other Tags: Son of God, Downey, Catholic, transubstantiation

A look at current issues involving freedom of speech, homosexuality with Michael Sam, ESPN, Westboro.. Baptist Church, sin, and the Millennial Generation

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Other Tags: Speech, ESPN, Sam, Homosexuality, Millennials

Lessons learned from the game of football, and the difference Christian coaches make in the life of.. young men.

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Other Tags: Football, Liberty University, Christian, coach, live

A Christian response to the Affordable Care Act campaign in Colorado.

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Other Tags: Obamacare, sexual immorality, holiness, culture, young

Answering the questions we have about knowing God's will for of lives.

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Other Tags: God, knowing, direction, miracles, conversation

A testimony of failure, love, and redemption.

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Other Tags: Suicide, church, redemption, drugs, suffering

Secular society has a negative view of the Church today, and most attributed this to the behaviors.. of Christians. It’s sometimes hard to identify Christians from non-Christians.

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Other Tags: Culture, Christian, secular, Gospel, narcissism

A look at the segregation of families in worship

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Other Tags: family, church, youth, integration, separation

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