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self composed poems on the topic of love and heartbreak

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  • A show
    on Mar 3, 2014
    Another sleepless night Another one with blood's sight Why can't you just get it right? Hang the rope, tie the knot, tight It'll be over soon You'll be a star, by the moon After all, you'll get a boon You'll pass aw...
  • Now she regrets
    on Jan 30, 2014
    How could She have lost herself Not this way, it was never to have happenedHe wanted to keep her to himself Safe and sound not to be saddened She didn't want to stay locked She left him she left home He stood simply shocked&n...
  • The end
    on Dec 13, 2013
    There he was, looking as gorgeous as ever Just one look gave me a shiver He came close, looked into my eyesAnd asked 'where to?', I replied 'to the skies'Unbelievable it was, he was throne At least that is what I had thought A whi...
  • Started, now will end soon
    on Dec 3, 2013
    It started with a little scratch Ended up as big red patch I bled day and night Never thought I would see this sight But now I wonder how to remove it How did this depression hit These suicidal thoughts that flow my way&...
  • December dream
    on Dec 1, 2013
    Someday I will realise what it was Someday you will know your loss I don't know what we were But I loved you, I swear I'm hurting I know, doesn't matter I still hear your name and shatter But do you care? Would you ever?
  • The dream catcher
    on Nov 13, 2013
    The sad dreams, the scary nightmares They came one after the other in layers Scared and unhappy I stayed for years and years Thought that I will just get used to the tears But that wasn't god's plan for me God had sent a drea...
  • Joyous tears
    on Nov 13, 2013
    Does such a thing happen?I never believed soNow my cheeks have dampened And I have that glow As tears of joy stride down I wonder how this happening took place I laugh while crying like a clown This is what you've done, given...
  • No four leaved clover
    on Nov 11, 2013
    Love faith hope trust peace Words that are just a tease You think, think and then over think It's not worth as it fades away in a blink We were meant to be forever But we parted, thought that would happen never How I sti...
  • Someday, dead
    on Nov 8, 2013
    Someday soon you will find the darkness you require Someday soon you will reach a level from where you can't go any higher You will soon see the end of your lifeThat day you'd be lying on the floor with a knife There'd be a pool of blo...
  • I miss him
    on Oct 16, 2013
    So far away I standAmidst no enemy no friend Alone I am, I know it well,Feeling lonely and dwell Gloom is what surrounds me Still on my mind is only heSo many problems I ignore But thoughts of him start a war I can't get thro...
  • Stood strong for a little too long
    on Sep 27, 2013
    Stood strong for a long time But now with gloom I again climbHave to start from the beginning Without falling or even trembling I relapsed, it happened again How could I let the blood drain?It just happened, how I don't know ...
  • Proud
    on Sep 26, 2013
    She is proud of herself  She can't tell you why You will judge, not because she is shy It's been a while since she held a bladeIt's been a while since she has seen the blood red shadeShe is proud, she has the right to be She smile...
  • Real beauty
    on Sep 26, 2013
    Looking at herself in the mirror with a smile She poses and passes away a while Then it starts Her smile slowly fades awayAs each peace of article is thrown awayAs she strips down she starts feeling badLooking at her body, she starts to fee...
  • and she was lost
    on Sep 24, 2013
    He left her theretaking her dreamsher hopes and aspirationsi know that was meanshe did not say a thingshe was too shocked for thather heart couldnt even stop himcoz it was still sufferingwhere did it go wrongwhat did she dowhy did he leave her in the...
  • message to you
    on Sep 24, 2013
    True you lost out on your dream guyBut have you ever wonderedIf he was worth more than the smile on your faceOr if he was worth more than the happiness you would feelWhen you were just being you……..True he made you feel as ifYou were on seventh h...
  • had to go
    on Sep 14, 2013
    In this misery I've learnt to subside Not having you by my sideIt has taught me quite a bitEven if you were the perfect fitYou had to go, you had to give painYou had to make me feel disdainYou have left me here in sorrowNow my heart feels hollow...
  • forever kind of love
    on Sep 14, 2013
    You, my forever kind of loveEverything comes later, you're aboveYou're the one I trust without doubtOnly one I truly care aboutYou've given me so many miraculous timesWhy am I supposed to end them with sad rhymesIs it necessary for me to feel this mi...
  • don't go away
    on Sep 14, 2013
    Don't go awayThere may be no point But don't just swayOur souls are joint Its not only meIts not only you I can't set you freeCoz its us twoDon't go awayMy heart will stopDon't just swayYou will make me dropWhy is this happeningYou are...
  • crushed me
    on Sep 14, 2013
    Is there any reason I'm still stuck on you? Why am I here, this without any clue You've changed me completely You've made me fall drastically I fell, you caught me mid way But after a while on the ground I lay I was crushed, is there anymore to it?
  • promises
    on Sep 12, 2013
    Promises, they are meant to be broken After that, its not meant to be spoken All promises break, then they hurt this makes the system to stop being alert Every promise you made, you broke You disappeared in the end like smoke You did it all even afte...