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Piriformis syndrome is one of the serious problems to concerned which causes because of sciatic.. nerve resulting in severe pain in lower back muscle extends down to leg and foot.

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Low level laser therapy works superbly for the treatment of Hair loss. Facts show how it delivers.. excellent results in recent years.

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6 tips to help you grow your chiropractic services business successfully

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Injuries are the part of the game especially when we take about the Soccer. Soccer is not merely a.. game for us but it has occupied special part in our hearts.

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Other Tags: Ankle Injuries, Soccer injuries, Knee Injury, Safety Issues, Foot Injury

Laser therapy is a treatment modality which uses infrared light to relieve pain. The infrared light.. wavelengths are introduced to the injured site, where they enhance healing by increasing blood.. circulation on the painful area and reduce inflammation.

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Stress and tension are the most common causes for severe headache problem. Quite surprising that.. stress is correlated with tension headache, as much as you feel high level of stress as much you.. tend to suffer from tension headaches.

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Other Tags: Causes of headache, Financial difficulties, Stress management, Workplace issues, Stress – headaches

Numbness of feet and toes is serious problem; don’t ignore it if you want to cure yourself from.. any further serious problems.

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Shockwave therapy also helps to restore mobility by releasing trigger points, dissolving fibroblasts.. that have become calcified and disperses pain mediators that can increase discomfort.

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