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Just another talking monkey with an attitude problem
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1 - GROWsim

Information, updates, and other nonsense related to "GROWsim", a medical marijuana.. simulation game by Matt Di Spirito.

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Other Tags: game, simulation, entertainment, marijuana, medical marijuana

The dialectical discourses of a deeply disturbed talking monkey. Care to join me as we muse on.. philosophy, meaning, reality, knowledge, and the vast infinity arrayed against our feeble minds?

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Other Tags: philosophy, dialectics, reason, discussion, logic

An opinionated look at current events and other madness in this fooked-up world.

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Other Tags: opinion, news, current events, world events, entertainment

Search the archives of Matt Di Spirito's delicious and fictitious mind. Do it. Find some.. stories, articles, or other nonsense to suit your taste.

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Other Tags: entertainment, writing, stories, articles, games

The Die Ch'i controls the flow of a game. Nourish it and you will level up.

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Other Tags: rpg, role-playing game, dice, tabletop game, game master

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