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Writing from Chicago, I bring to you mama extraordinaire, blogger, photographer, freelancer, and .. The Walking Mombie. OMG! The Walking Mombie!? You bet! I'm a pro at multi-tasking, fueled by.. coffee, sleep (wait, what's sleep again?)

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  • 10 FREE Online Photography Courses You Need To RSVP For Right Now!
    on Sep 2, 2016
    You know the old saying, "There's no such thing as a free lunch" that you're always reminded of when you hear the word "free"? Well, (that's a big well by the way) Every once in a great blue moon, there is a free lunch! I am really excited to announc...
  • Are These 5 Common Mistakes Holding You Back From Having An Organized Home?
    on Sep 1, 2016
    Picture this familiar scenario: You've worked hard all day getting your home organized just the way you want it. You turn around and in a blink of an eye, it looks like a tornado came ripping through your house. What gives? How does this keep happeni...
  • Teaching Our Tech-Savvy Kids Vital Internet Safety
    on Aug 30, 2016
    Internet dangers isn't always the easiest task for parents to get their kids to take online safety serious. It can become a really touchy and uncomfortable subject if you are not very knowledgeable about the internet. Our children will never know or...
  • Meet Sophie, Emma, & Zoe: The World's Only Deafblind Identical Triplets
    on Aug 30, 2016
    Sophie, Emma, and Zoe are three very remarkable girls. Their mother Liz ended up going into labor at twenty-weeks and was able to hold off delivery until the triplets starting showing signs of distress. All three little ones, despite all odds being...
  • How Your ‘Tough Love’ Hurts People with Depression – And What to Do Instead
    on Aug 24, 2016
    *Originally published on Everyday Feminism.I’ve suffered from depression for as long as I could remember, but that’s difficult for me to say out loud – not because I’ve ever shied away from sharing my life experiences, but because part of me...
  • Photography Lighting Basics & An Introduction To The World Of Lomography
    on Aug 22, 2016
    Many people love taking pictures, but it is hard to create great photographs if you can't properly light a scene. Knowing how to use light will not only make you a more confident photographer, but will also unleash your creativity, helping you to t...
  • Doing What It Takes To Keep Our Kids Safe
    on Aug 20, 2016
    *Let's get the affiliate mumble jumble out of the way- If you click on any of the lil' ole' links contained in this post and end up signing up, I end up making some coffee money (hey, what can I say? I'm The Walking Mombie, I survive off caffeine!).I...
  • Listia-Awesome Free Stuff Without The Hassel Or Scam!
    on Aug 19, 2016
     *Let's get the affiliate mumble jumble out of the way- If you click on any of the lil' ole' links contained in this post and end up signing up,  I end up making some coffee money (hey, what can I say? I'm The Walking Mombie, I survive off caffein...
  • Psst...Don't Miss AÉROPOSTALES Massive Sale & Giveaway! Save 30% Off Everything Site Wide, Including Clearance Items!
    on Aug 17, 2016
    *Let's get the affiliate mumble jumble out of the way-Being that there is such an AWESOME huge sale & giveaway going on over at AÉROPOSTALES, If you click on any of the lil' ole' links contained in this post and end up making a purchase, (why wou...
  • Dream Frenz: Creating Imagination & Play (Review)
    on Aug 15, 2016
    *PRODUCT REVIEW DISCLOSURE (The Walking Mombie): I received a product to review from the very generous company Dream Frenz in exchange for my honest opinions and review.  I was NOT FINANCIALLY COMPENSATED in any way shape or form for this product...
  • Attitudes In Healthcare
    on Aug 9, 2016
    Have you ever walked into a doctor’s office, urgent care center, or some other “healthcare” environment and felt like you were nothing more than a drain on the staff’s time? Have you ever been asked if you had insurance and watched the polite...
  • Learning Essentials: Patiently Teaching Your Child Letter Recognition
    on Aug 8, 2016
    Whether your child is preparing for kindergarten or starting to learn English as a second language, the English alphabet is an essential part of learning how to read and write.  Learning to read and write is a very special and magical time for child...
  • Personal Development: Top 15 Productivity Blogs that You Must Follow
    on Aug 7, 2016
    Whether you are interested in self improvement, a wannabe personal development blogger, or just looking for some general motivation, here are 15 blogs you must follow. These men and women are not only some of the masters in the art of self discipline...
  • Free My Pretend Supermarket Kit Downloads (Tons!)
    on Aug 5, 2016
    Free PDF downloads available here-My Pretend Supermarket PrintablesPretend play is a very important part of a child's developmental learning process in a natural atmosphere. Pretend play inspires creativity and imaginative play. A child's pretend pla...
  • Back-To-School Free Mixing Colors Flash Cards
    on Aug 2, 2016
    Back to school season has officially begun, which means it's time to start planning! Make the most of this new school year and set your child for success. Nothing is more exciting and magical for children than learning that by mixing colors, create...
  • Step in to Stella & Dot's 2016 Fall Line!
    on Aug 1, 2016
    *This post contains affiliate links for which I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on the links.Summer is here for awhile longer, but it's never too early to start planning ahead and refreshing your style for the fall! Stella &...
  • Getting Rid Of Your Child's Bedroom Monsters
    on Jul 28, 2016
    Our imaginations were never more active, nor more suggestible, than when we were children. We hide and tremble underneath the sheets, our imaginative minds birthing monstrosities from the darkness, just knowing that taking one tiny peak could reveal...
  • Cricut: A Mom's Best Friend!
    on Jul 27, 2016
    Owning a Cricut machine offers opportunities to create adorable, fun creations that will keep your kids content, exploring, & learning. With just a little imagination and creativity and a Cricut machine by your side, you can turn a dull summer into...
  • Cytomegalovirus: A Hidden Danger
    on Jul 25, 2016
    As mothers, we do our best to provide our babies with healthy, nutritious foods, prenatal care, and protection to ensure the healthiest pregnancy and baby possible. I could bet that it’s surprising to learn that a major risk factor for birth defect...
  • The Walking Mombie Members Only Special Giveaway!
    on Jul 24, 2016
      Link to Subscribe: Enter for your chance to win one $15 digital Amazon gift card (delivered via email)!How to Enter: To enter, entrants must provide name, email, and phone number (registra...