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The life of a dislocated Southern Mama living in New Mexico with her husband, daughter, and deranged.. cat.

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  • And then I watched the grass grow.
    on Feb 25, 2013
    It has rained and rained and rained.  In fact, so much so that I actually used the word "deluge" several times this weekend.  On the way home from picking up Daughter from school I said,"I am starting to feel like I live in Seattle without...
  • If You Give A Dog A Latte'
    on Jan 26, 2013
    They say that dogs have owners and cats have staff.  Those people don't have my dog.Jessie was a rescue dog we got while we lived in Smalltown, New Mexico.  Daughter named her Jessie after the cowgirl on Toy Story.  She is part poodle,...
  • Peace
    on Dec 26, 2012
    It's the day after Christmas.  I was able to sleep in a little this morning. Hubs had already gone to work.  When I went in the kitchen I saw the signs of what he had for breakfast- pie crumbs.  It made me smile. I got my coffee and ca...
  • The little lights aren't twinkling.
    on Dec 11, 2012
    Hubs was headed to Wal-mart on Saturday to pick up some things when he asked if I needed anything.  I said, "Yes, a new rake.""A rake?" he said."Yep.  Daughter and I are going to rake the front yard today and we only have one...
  • Grits
    on Dec 7, 2012
    Lately it seems that I just can't get enough grits.  Maybe it's because it's turned cold or maybe it's because I'm just strange. Either way, I have eaten my share of grits in the last few weeks. (I type this as they simmer on the stove, so...
  • Just Living The Dream
    on Dec 3, 2012
    Well, I have about ten, count them, ten posts in the "draft" stage.  I have developed this new habit of writing something and then not finishing it.  The post gets stashed into the draft stage to collect grammatical dust bunnies.  I'm...
  • Well, at least we're stocked up on beef jerky.
    on Aug 30, 2012
    We managed to dodge the worst impact of Hurricane Isaac. I wish I could say the same for folks west of us.  Having lived through a few hurricanes and tropical storms, I really sympathize with the victims of Isaac.  People are still battling...
  • Heavy Rain and Wind
    on Aug 27, 2012
    My family is glued to The Weather Channel.We're prepping for Mr. Isaac.  It looks like we will miss a direct hit, but they don't know exactly where it is headed, so we are getting prepared.  (A lesson Floridians learn after they've lived he...
  • Pass The Turkey and Sunscreen
    on Jul 30, 2012
    I cooked a turkey yesterday.  Yes, a whole turkey.  I was getting tired of the same old thing and as I browsed the grocery store to find something new and interesting, I thought, "HEY! TURKEY! It's not just for Thanksgiving!"So I brought it...
  • Random List of Coffee, Sports, and Genius Desserts
    on Jul 26, 2012
    It has been a bit busy at our house, so today's post is going to have to be in list form.  I do love the list form.  It's always there for me in a pinch, just like tacos for dinner (which we just had, by the way.)1.  My husband an...
  • The next step is the Cotton Candy Machine at Golden Corral.
    on Jul 17, 2012
    This new blogger format has been an adjustment, and by adjustment, I mean it has grated on my last nerve.I don't do well with change. Just now I was sitting here trying to figure out how to write a new post, thinking "Where does it say new post?" and...
  • Well, let me pack some pimento cheese sandwiches and I'm ready to go.
    on Jul 10, 2012
    Hubs and I just returned from a mini-vacation to one of my most favoritest (yes, it can be a word) places on God's green Earth- Charleston.  I first fell in love with Charleston, South Carolina on our honeymoon over 18 years ago and I have...
  • Where's my umbrella and please pass the fried potatoes.
    on Jun 25, 2012
    In case you haven't heard, there is a tropical storm pretty much parked in the Gulf of Mexico right now. One morning I wake up and it is headed to Texas. The next day I wake up and it is headed straight for Florida. I've decided there's just one thin...
  • It's like a little vacation with cool decorations.
    on Jun 14, 2012
    I have three words.V-B-SSo, those aren't words but actually letters.  Just work with me here.This week our church has been decorating for Vacation Bible School.  It starts next week and I am tickled about it. We have an excel...
  • Nobody knows the hair trouble I've seen.
    on Jun 7, 2012
    Well, I've waited long enough to write something (at least on paper/the Internet) that I decided it better be important.Let's talk about hair.If you don't think hair is important than eithera) You are a manorb) You are a man.Sorry, but let's fac...
  • It's a mystery, one that can't be solved in less than an hour.
    on Mar 30, 2012
    It was a typical morning at my house. I got up, fixed my coffee, talked to the dog, made breakfast, packed lunches, finished some dishes, started laundry, picked up other people's socks, got more coffee, talked to the dog (we have a bond,) and turned...
  • And free samples wouldn't hurt either.
    on Feb 29, 2012
    I promise to write about something other than running, but I will give y'all a quick update.   After last week's incident with the pit bull, I decided to run the entire 2.4 miles without stopping the very next day.  No pit bulls were a...
  • And I ran. I ran so far away.
    on Feb 23, 2012
    After over a week of no running, I decided to jump back on the proverbial treadmill.  When Hubs got home from work the other day, he asked if I wanted to run.  I said a firm, "Yes," and turned off the taco meat.  (See, I told you our d...
  • On the menu: Sunshine and Tacos
    on Feb 21, 2012
    Yesterday was pretty much the first day I have seen a cloud-free sky.  Hello, Florida, The Sunshine State.  We've had rain and cold and rain and cold and more rain.  It is nice to finally see the sun. However, I can't really see the su...
  • I think the science fair kids should predict the weather.
    on Feb 17, 2012
    Well, I don't know about y'all, but I do not believe that groundhog for a minute.  According to my sinuses, spring has already arrived.  I wish the pollen would just crawl back into a hole, like Mr. Punxsutawney Phil himself. I had to...