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An IT professional with 10+ years of experience in the software industry. I'm currently working as Business Manager - Marketing and Strategy at vServe24/7, Nous Infosystems.

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A real-time analytics ecosystem needs to be designed that supports complex event processing. Take.. note of the challenges that could be faced while designing a Real-Time Analytics Solution

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Other Tags: Real Time Analytics, Real-Time Stream Analytics, Big Data Stream Processing

Illustrated troubleshooting steps for poor performance of dynamics CRM outlook client

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Other Tags: dynamics CRM, MS dynamics, dynamics crm outlook, crm for outlook

Explore the benefits that enterprises can leverage by implementing DevOps and Microservices

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Other Tags: DevOps, Microservices, Microservices Architecture, DevOps Microservices, DevOps Consulting Services

Get step-by-step instructions in optimizing WorkflowSystem Performance in MS Dynamics CRM

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Other Tags: dynamics CRM workflow best practice

Simple illustrated guidelines on troubleshooting with CRM Data displaying different after recent.. update

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Other Tags: CRM, CRM Outlook

Customer experience is a powerful element. Added to this is the Self-Service for Facebook gaining.. immense popularity as a Social Experience service by Oracle RightNow CX. Know more!

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Other Tags: Oracle, Facebook, Oracle Rightnow Self Service

Take note of the challenges that you might come across during Database Migration from SQL Server to.. Oracle

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Other Tags: Migration from SQL Server to Oracle, SQL to Oracle, SQL, Oracle, Migration Tool

The what and why of selecting algorithms for machine learning. Get an insight into the complexities.. that in selecting suitable algorithms for machine learning...

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Other Tags: algorithms for machine learning

Get an insight into the scope of Internet of Things and why industries across domains are investing.. in it

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Other Tags: IoT, Internet of Things, Machine to Machine

Here is how healthcare providers are leveraging technology to improve the quality of care...

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Other Tags: healthcare, healthcare provider, healthcare provider companies

Explore the latest developments in Banking Industry venturing into Wearable Devices

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Other Tags: wearable devices technology, wearable banking

Delve into the journey of a UX designer in facilitating to make software application more.. user-centric and user-friendly

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Other Tags: UX, UX Design, UX Designer, UX Consulting Firm