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How to remove negative marks from your credit report and improve your credit score.

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  • Student Loan Default
    on Jan 18, 2009 in Remove Negative Marks
    If you have defaulted on your student loan, you will likely to have to repay this debt and your credit will be ruined. This will put you in a difficult position. When your student loan goes into default, your account is turned over to collection agen...
  • Repossession On Credit ReportA repossession on your credit report is a very severe mark. It will cause you to pay outrageous interest rates and big down payments.It will remain on your report for seven years. Additionally it will make it difficult to be approved for any new line...
  • How To Dispute Credit Report
    on Jan 17, 2009 in Remove Negative Marks
    Disputing negative marks on your credit report is the most effective method of improving a low credit score. A better payment history accounts for up to 35% of your score. Disputing negative marks helps because it will show a better payment history.Y...
  • Equifax Dispute - How To
    on Nov 17, 2008 in Remove Negative Marks
    A dispute can be filed with Equifax by creating a dispute letter and mailing it to them. In your letter you will need to include a reason as to why the listing is inaccurate.You can write a dispute letter yourself or you can hire a service to write i...
  • Experian Dispute - Remove Bad CreditTo dispute Experian you must compose a dispute letter and mail it to them. Upon receipt of your letter they will investigate the disputed item.However the first step is to request a copy of your credit report. This can be done for free from annual cr...
  • Credit Dispute Letter - Remove Bad CreditA dispute letter is an individuals' method of challenging a negative mark on their credit report. In this letter a reason for the dispute and what item you are disputing is required.Common reasons for a dispute are; account is not mine, account paid.
  • How to Remove Judgements from Your Credit History
    on Oct 23, 2008 in Remove Negative Marks
    A judgment on your credit report means you have been sued for payment of a debt. It is a legal proceeding that will give the creditor extra time to try and collect on the debt.A judgment gives the debt collector up to 20 years to collect on a debt. T...
  • How You Can Remove Midland Credit Management from Your Credit
    on Oct 22, 2008 in Collection Agencies
    Midland Credit Management is a collection agency and a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group. They collect on credit cards, automobiles, unsecured consumer debt, and telecom accounts.Encore Capital Group is a huge company that is traded on NASDAQ. Midla...
  • Charge Offs - Read Before You Pay
    on Oct 19, 2008 in charge offs
    When you get a charge off on your credit report it will negatively impact your credit score. This comes about when an account becomes delinquent and no payment is made for 6 months.An effective way of erasing a charge off from you credit history is t...
  • Remove a Charge Off
    on Oct 18, 2008 in charge offs
    A charge off is a very detrimental mark for your credit score. Having this on your credit history will make getting approved for a new credit line very difficult.When approval does happen you will be forced to pay exuberant interest rates or make a h...
  • Two Tips to Raise Your Credit Score
    on Oct 17, 2008 in Credit Score - Improve
    You can improve your credit score by having an open major credit card. On this credit card you should try and keep the monthly balance around 10% of your available credit line.In other words if your limit is $1,000 then try to keep the balance around...
  • You Can Remove NCO Financial From Your Credit History
    on Oct 4, 2008 in Collection Agencies
    NCO Financial is a collection agency. They work with financial services, healthcare, utilities, education and more.They started doing business in 1926 and are both first and third party debt collectors.They are headquartered in Horsham, Pennsylvania.
  • Easy Tips to Improve Your Credit Score
    on Sep 28, 2008 in Credit Score - Improve
    If you are in the process of repairing your credit report then you know how important your credit score is. This three digit number can determine your lifestyle more than by how much money you earn.With a low credit score you may be getting turned aw...
  • Palisades Collection - Remove Them from Your Credit Report
    on Sep 18, 2008 in Collection Agencies
    Palisades Collections is a collection agency. They are a subsidiary of Asta Funding. They collect on unpaid phone bills from AT&T and other unsecured debt.There are many reports from individuals that have been contacted regarding an AT&T a
  • NCO Financial - Stop the Harassment
    on Sep 17, 2008 in Collection Agencies
    When someone is contacted by NCO it is about an outstanding debt. They are also referred to as NCO financial, NCO group or a variation of NCO. They have a past of breaking legislation with their collection methods.NCO Financial is hired as a third pa...
  • Credit Score Information - 5 Factors The Bureaus Look At
    on Sep 16, 2008 in Credit Score - Improve
    Your credit score can force you to pay thousands of dollars or save you thousands of dollars a year. It is a three digit number that has a huge influence on your life.The formula for calculating your credit score is a mathematical equation. This equa...
  • Remove LVNV Funding From Your Credit Report
    on Sep 10, 2008 in Collection Agencies
    LVNV Funding is a purchaser of debt. They purchase debt both domestically and internationally.They purchase debt from finance companies, banks and other collection agencies. Then outsource the actual collections of an account to a number of agencies...
  • Credit Bureau Reporting - Learn the Facts
    on Sep 5, 2008 in Credit Reporting
    A common concern for people is "how long will a negative mark stay on my credit report?" The answer is a maximum of seven years. A bankruptcy or judgment can remain for 10 years depending upon the statute of limitations in your state.Most people
  • Disputing Credit Report - Avoid this Common Mistake
    on Sep 4, 2008 in Remove Negative Marks
    If you have ever tried to dispute items on your credit report, you may have received a response from the credit bureaus stating they performed their "investigation." The bureaus may also tell you that they "verified" whatever item you
  • Negative Listings and How You Can Remove Them
    on Sep 3, 2008 in Remove Negative Marks
    Credit correction is not accomplished overnight and so the order in which you dispute items is very important (especially if you are on a deadline to raise your credit score).Negative credit listings are not created equal. Some items, such as late pa...