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Wanda and I met at Bible school and were married soon after. After graduating we went into the pastorate only to discover that it wasn't for us. We moved to the city and settled down to raise our family and slowly began to prosper as God blessed us. After a time we were able to buy a house and I was able to start my own IT consulting firm. Even though we were outwardly successful there was a deep emptiness inside of us both. We both had a spiritual renewal in 1996 and our desire to know God and obey Him grew continually. As we followed God it became clear over time that He was calling us to greater levels of obedience and maturity. Finally in 2007 we sold our house and business so we could move east to start a new chapter of our lives.

What we thought would be a wonderful new life slowly unraveled as God began to show us that we would be journeying through poverty, destitution and finally homelessness. As scary as that was we could not abandon God or shipwreck our faith so we followed Him. Our journey of homeless wandering took us over 40 months and 82 moves over 3 provinces as God led us. We encountered many people and situations that were difficult and traumatic. Days of hunger, deprivation and suffering included sleeping under a tarp in the woods near winter, living with an alcoholic man in his broken down trailer and sleeping in snowbanks among many other traumatic events. The trials tested us to the core as God taught us about our own weaknesses as He faithfully led us. His presence never left us and He provided for us in many miraculous ways. Our book is a testament to His unfailing love and provision.

Today our faith is strong after having survived the deep fires of testing. Our commitment to God has been tested time and again as He wanted us to learn about His nature and the nature of man. This wilderness experience tested and broke our faith in humanity as it is designed to do. Our trust in ourselves and the strength of man is irrevocably broken as we saw the mighty hand of God deliver us time and again. We have seen the hand of God sustaining us and now we can trust no other.

Our story is a raw, challenging account of how we were brought through the wilderness by Jesus. To some it will be an inspirational encouragement to help them as they pursue Him. To others it will be an offense to their pride and self-sufficiency. Either way our story will face you to look at faith, homelessness and poverty in a whole new way.
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The Spiritual Assayers blog is for those that want to grow their faith and dependence on Jesus.. through wisdom and obedience. With practical hard fought knowledge that comes from living a life of.. faith we freely share what we have learned.

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