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My site offers video reviews on subjects like gasifier, airguns, slingbow, ladies self-defense, regulations, and how a small homemade EMP device can disable your electronic trigger or gun safe with links to Amazon....I'm in Port Salerno Fl so to see all that would go to waste From Irma just went through here we should all be doing more. Like the people that think driving around with the windows up with ac on thinking it saves gas.When at 65 mph you will break even, it's not until the wind is higher than 65 that you start saving gas. I hope to become a very informative site promoting moron proofing, Fish and wildlife conservation, gun safety. I am still working hard to improve my site. I am new to the website building, you can probably tell. The wood fuel is carbon neutral, we send it to trash anyway.It seems a no-brainer. Here in south FL, we listen to mowers and weed eaters all year.and I hate it. the leaf blowers blowing car brake pad dust back into the air, it used to be asbestos, but now its something else that may kill us in years to come. Golfers who insist on having so many courses that the fertilizer pollutes the water. 2 stroke boat engines that bubble up smoke from the exhaust being disposed under the water it's 2017 now I am 57 5'11" 167 lb pro trump, prow law enforcement and 2nd amendment would like to eradicate all the invasive species. "someone just caught a 17' python" a cable man was bitten by a momba in Broward count fl. and they say we have king cobras out there too
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I like to watch a video of a product in action. sometimes it doesn't really do all you thought.. it would.Then you see a product you didn't even know about, that does a much better job.

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