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Review of books as I read them.

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The blog is an attempt at bottling the strings of Random Thoughts on life, work, love, aspirations,.. emotions and experiences that comes to mind for posterity from a traveler who's walked this.. world for 30+ years.

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Other Tags: pensieve, random thoughts, family, love, aspirations

A layman view (mine) of some of the ads in India and a classification them as AD (good) or BAD (bad... I also try to understand what they wish to communicate and try to decipher the behind-the-scenes.. objectives of the company and the agency.

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  • Happy Birthday, Dear Friend!Its taken me two and a half years to come back to my blog but there's no better day than today for that.There are very few people in your life that make a HUGE impact in a short time and you can probably count them on your fingers. People that have d...
  • Fear!People who know me will say that I always try to push the envelope with my fears. I am a firm believer in the adage that if you face your fears, it will only make you grow stronger. There is in fact a poster on my office wall that says "Always do wha...
  • A Father's Tears!Men don't cry! A man with tears is a sign of weakness and men are supposed to be strong.Or at least that's what has been told to us and taught to us over last few centuries by everyone in every form of communication - be it verbal, through ads or boo...
  • Thinkgifting or Thingifting?I read this blog post of mine recently on "Value perception of a Gift" and started thinking about all the gifts that I had received over a period of time from all my friends and acquaintances. Like all gifts in life, some were gifted because it was a...
  • Zero Day
    on Jan 6, 2013 in David Baldacci
    I haven't read a lot of David Baldacci books and neither am I a huge reader of mystery thrillers from the new fleet of writers as you may have gauged from my book reviews. So luckily I did not have any pre-concieved notions of the kind of books that...
  • Second TattooI got my first tattoo done about two years ago and talked about my experience here. It got me thinking on inking again. The same rules of What, Where, Who and When applied here too.The 'WHO' was the easy part as I was sure I would want to get it done...
  • What do I tell my daughter? And my sister?
    on Dec 27, 2012 in gangrape protection safety rape
    A young, starry-eyed, ambitious girl was brutally gangraped by 6 people in a moving bus in Delhi and dumped on the ground. Over the last 10 days, Delhi has erupted with protests with students taking to the streets demanding justice; politicians have...
  • Asura
    on Dec 6, 2012 in Anand Neelakantan
    History is always written by the winner, never the vanquished. Songs are written about the goodness and valour of the victor and cruelty and cowardice of the vanquished. One never gets to hear the story from the losers point of view, especially in my...
  • Forgiveness!
    on Oct 20, 2012 in forgive forget.
    I just got off watching an episode called 'Damage Control' on Grey's Anatomy which for me thinking on this whole concept of Forgiveness. In the episode a young man closes his eyes for a second while driving and rams into an oncoming car injuring the...
  • Breakfast of Champions
    on Jul 18, 2012 in Kurt Vonnegut
    Science fiction has always been my favourite genre. I strongly believe that a good science fiction writer is a boon and literally shows us the future. Think of cell phones and Arthur C Clarke and Star Trek. Think of private space tourism and interste...
  • Habibi
    on Jul 18, 2012 in Craig Thomson
    As a kid we all loved comic books. I remember spending hours on Tinkle, Amar Chitra Katha, Phantom and others. The natural expectation is that as you grow older, you grow out of comic book reading and start reading novels. Comic books are for kids. A...
  • Friendship Trip!The best cliche on friendship that I have heard says that if you are true friends with someone then you should be able to pick off a conversation where you last left it even if you meet the friend after many years. I have always wondered if friendshi...
  • Kamal - Strength of CharacterA few years back I spoke about the strength of Mind over Body and wondered if I would have the mental strength if I were to face a dire situation. Another such example hit me in the face recently.What would you do if you had a good life going and the...