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I'm part speech therapist, part grad student, part crafty girl. This is a snap shot of my.. life. I write about my daily adventures in the kitchen, in the craft room, and in life.

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  • Wishes
    on Dec 24, 2009 in Holidays
    Hoping your days are merry and bright!-J...
  • Winter Solstice Party
    on Dec 22, 2009 in On the needles Holidays
    Yesterday was the First Annual Winter Solstice party...or the culmination of a multi-night mid-winter celebration filled with stove-top popcorn, knitting, and movies. I can't quite get any of those three things off my mind. Anyways, every year havi...
  • Weekending
    on Dec 20, 2009 in Random Thoughts
    :: packing (I'm moving next week! Not far, but far enough to need boxes):: stashing:: baking these cookies--I used two sticks of butter instead of 1 stick and 1/2 cup of shortening. I was nervous that they would spread but it worked out fine and I...
  • Getting Festive
    on Dec 17, 2009 in Holidays
    I felt the need to get festive this past weekend. My creative time has re-appeared thanks to no more classes. So I spent a short amount of time pulling out my fabric to sort through and I got inspired. I found my red and green scraps left over fro...
  • Found it
    on Dec 16, 2009 in Makes me happy
    My mission is complete. I should do this more often-what a perfect way to change a mood. (Give it a try if you haven't- it really opened my eyes to how blessed my life is). My camera spent a good half of the day in the trunk of my car, but rest as...
  • Searching for Merriment
    on Dec 15, 2009 in Makes me happy
    That's Grammie fixing my sweater. Clearly merriment.The grey weather has got me down. Rain instead of snow and not much sun. Transitions always get me. I'm not such a fan of the unsettledness of the in-between stage I am in. There has been a los...
  • Today
    on Dec 12, 2009 in Random Thoughts Holidays
    coffee with a friend, fireplace on, fresh coffee and snowhoney nutters, black & whites, cinnamon sugar cookies, and chocolate bisccottisunshine and new growth, warm, beginningslunch, quesadillas, fresh salsa, avocados, and laughtera passing grade...
  • Last night
    on Dec 8, 2009 in School
    Last night I spent my last night studying (for now...you never know). I poured myself a glass of wine and read over notes. I was surprisingly melancholy about the whole thing. So much of who I have been for the past three-six-twenty years has been...
  • Merriment
    on Dec 7, 2009 in Holidays
    This weekend felt festive. The tree had been up for a week and the carols had been playing, but little get-togethers made the day. A small snowfall didn't hurt either.A couple of other things that are bringing me merriment right now::- Rhythm of th...
  • Your Questions:: Photography Answers
    on Dec 4, 2009 in Photography
    What kind of camera do you have and how long have you been taking photos?I shoot with a Nikon D40 which I truly enjoy. It is a great camera for me to get my feet wet in and try to have more control over my photographs. I also have a Kodak point and...
  • Second Storie
    on Dec 3, 2009 in crafting
    This past weekend I was lucky enough to attend the Second Storie Indie Market. What an absolute gem this market was-filled to the brim with creative souls. I loved the feeling of being surrounded by so many who valued and celebrated homemade as muc...
  • December 1
    on Dec 1, 2009 in snowy days
    It is December first and I opened my blinds to snow. How fitting to see the first blanket of snow on the first day of a wintry month? Here's just a few things on my list for December. I'm trying to step back from quantity of things accomplished to...
  • Right Now: November
    on Nov 30, 2009 in rhythm of days
    November, November, November. Completing this month with grace and confidence has been a goal for a long, long time. There were days when November 30th seemed years away, but it has kindly arrived and this busy, stressful month went on without a hi...
  • Giving Thanks
    on Nov 26, 2009 in Holidays
    *family*laughter*friends*flannel sheets*good books*a new job*passing big tests*wool socks*cookies*finishing a degree*a new adventure*giggles*sweaters*food in my belly*encouragement*and the list goes on and on...Wishing you a wonderful Thanksgiving!
  • Your Questions:: Holiday Answers
    on Nov 25, 2009 in Holidays
    I am having such fun answering these questions. They are definitely inspiring me and generally get to the computer to write. It has been such a pleasure to *meet* new people through this as well! I've grouped questions into 'themes' and, fittingl...
  • Your Questions:: My Answers
    on Nov 24, 2009 in Random Thoughts
    It was such fun to read everyone's questions and *meet* some new folks. Over the next couple days I'll be sharing my answers, but feel free to still ask if you haven't yet. I feel like my blogging mojo is coming back from it's sleepy slumber and I a...
  • Wondering
    on Nov 22, 2009 in Random Thoughts
    Today it is a day of wondering. A bit cloudy and gray-contemplative weather for sure.I am wondering...:: when will the first snow fall?:: should I get my paints out this afternoon?:: will I have my Thanksgiving sweater finished? (I have 100 more ro...
  • Building cabins
    on Nov 19, 2009 in crafting
    A couple of weeks ago when I just needed a break I decided to clean out my fabric stash a bit. Since my focus has been on using what I have and buying less, I wanted to see what was in the scrap baskets and see what I could make. I learned a couple...
  • 25 Year Celebration
    on Nov 16, 2009 in Holidays
    Yesterday I had myself a little celebration of my 25 year mark (and finishing those tests, too!). It was a blast. A simple breakfast of fruits, cranberry-orange bread, brie cheese, and blueberry pomegranate smoothies. A quick bit of studio time to...
  • Old Fashioned Note
    on Nov 13, 2009 in Random Thoughts
    Hi friends-The week is going well. I have walked a bunch and done yoga daily. It has been good but balance work was tricky. The mornings are getting cooler and frostier. I had to dig out my toasties for my walk today. I have some malabrigo in my...