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**Documenting my abortion.** A career I loathe. A jacked up marriage. Toss in an affair. Or two... Body issues. Smile through it all. Oh and now: pregnant and don't know who the baby daddy is.

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  • Hunger
    on Oct 13, 2009
    Seriously what the FUCK is up with your appetite when you're pregnant?I can't remember the last time my appetite was like this, probably when I started exercising again. I haven't worked out in months, and I'm eating like a madman. it's 12:20am and I...
  • it's 11:18pm, do you know where you're kids are?
    on Oct 13, 2009
    Right now I have a huge night ahead because I have 3 projects that i didn't even consider doing last week as a result of all of this pregnancy nonsense.I wish so badly I could win the lottery and never have to work.
  • Why am I blogging this?
    on Oct 12, 2009
    I was thinking about how it's been a bitch trying to find any personal experiences of sorts. So then, why am *I* writing a blog about this?Partially because I can't talk to anyone other than Rachel about it, and I need to obviously do a lot of ventin...
  • iron
    on Oct 12, 2009
    As per my post last week, I'm all about trying to get enough iron becuase i don't want to find out I can't get it done because I'm anemic, which I have been in the past.When you're not pregnant, the amount of iron you need: 18mg/day.When you are: 27m...
  • so, so tired.
    on Oct 12, 2009
    Let me tell you, trying to find anything from the perspective of people who have gone through this is like a needle in a haystack. I think I'm now an even better Googler as a result of the sequence and choice of words I put in. Here's the types of th...
  • Ixnay on the ampon-tay
    on Oct 12, 2009
    I wonder how long the bleeding after will last. Being the cheap bastard that I am, I refuse to buy a box of pads for this. Someone should invent an abortion-friendly tampon.So I've been hogging the ones from work. They look circa 1970. They could st...
  • Death
    on Oct 12, 2009
    Someone I went to highschool with died today. Very young, mid-30s. I wasn't friends with him, but I knew of him and he was friends with some of my friends' husbands.A girl I went to HS with but barely know sent me a facebook message asking if I knew...
  • 4 Days
    on Oct 12, 2009
    It's 7amI'm exhausted, stayed out way too late last night. A friend got super sick (there was no alcohol involved at all), and all I could think of was "is she pregnant?"In the grand scheme, I still don't have any pregnancy symptoms. If I didn't have...
  • It just keeps getting better and better
    on Oct 12, 2009
    I just came back from lunch with some ex-coworkers. A bunch of women, varying ages. What has bugged me is that all the women who are my age or younger have all recently been popping out kids...except for me. Which was exceptionally hard becuase it wa...
  • 5 day countdown
    on Oct 11, 2009
    I don't really have anything to write, just that we're down to 5 days.I'm bitchy as all hell.I forgot that I need new tires for my car. I was holding out as long as possible, figuring I'd replace them in the fall.It's almost Hallowe'en. I'd say it's...
  • Forgot
    on Oct 11, 2009
    Last night we were talking about pet stains, and someone mentioned how when you're pregnant you can't clean a kitty litter box.I totally forgot about that. I can't imagine relying on Joey to take care of all the litterboxes as often as they need to...
  • next week
    on Oct 11, 2009
    Next week at this time, all the social crap will be over.I'll be able to relax.I'll be able to wrap my mind around what will have happened on Friday.It's still surreal to me. Right now my feelings are that of "come ON...come ON faster...
  • 6 day countdown
    on Oct 10, 2009
    Today the anxiety has subsided, thank GOD. Maybe I had a heart attack in my sleep.This morning Joey snapped at me for making noise in the kitchen this morning while he was trying to brain was, of course, on the embryo inside of me, my appe...
  • Still 6 days to go
    on Oct 10, 2009
    Waiting while my carpets are being cleaned. Is it bad that I think one of the guys doing it is crazy hot in a clark kent kind of way?Went to the chiropractor. The reason I go to this place is because years ago they did a little health schpiel at my w...
  • could time go any slower?
    on Oct 10, 2009
    It's like every hour I think of a new fear or concern to consume my brain on the subject.This hour: alcohol.I'm not a big drinker, i might have like 2 glasses of red wine a week. Back to my concern regarding the bachelorette at my house the next day,...
  • Cranky cranky
    on Oct 10, 2009
    I should just have a webcam at this rate, for the amount of venting and bitching I"m doing right now.I have total muffintop. I don't know what i was thinking yesterday...right now I LOOK pregnant, even though I know it's just from all the eating i've...
  • Hunger...and still 6 days to go
    on Oct 10, 2009
    Wow, each hour is a whole new rollercoaster of emotions.I'm upset today, my appetite is insane. I'm trying to not eat, because i know i'm eating too much. Not helping. My stomach is constantly growling.Before I was peeing like a madman without consu...
  • annoyed
    on Oct 10, 2009
    I'm annoyed because Joey is next to me...and he keeps staring at my laptop screen. WTF. I'm looking at dresses and sh*t, can't i have any effing space.Baby doesn't like wine.Wow, have i called it "baby" yet?Let me rephrase:Embryo doesn't like wine. A...
  • Roe vs. Wade
    on Oct 10, 2009
    I wonder if most people who get abortions look up Roe vs. Wade.I wonder how many people (i.e. teenagers) even had heard of RvsW, or ever will.My argument for vs. against isn't about the ability to live on it's own. After all, that would mean if you'r...
  • Iron
    on Oct 9, 2009
    So one thing I made a point of reading on the abortion clinic's website is that if my iron is too low, then send you back home 'cause they won't perform it.I have been anemic quite a few times in my life (not a big meat eater), so I dont' want to ris...