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I'm a freelance illustrator and sculptor from Jakarta, Indonesia. I'm open for commissions. I'm also developing, producing and selling my own epoxy putty and modeling waxes.

Questions and inquiries can be directed to edsa_m@midztoyz.com!

Cheers everyone!
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Try making your own anime figures and toys. From concept, picking material, sculpting, detailing,.. painting, casting ..hopefully the whole shebang. Join my adventure in the wonderful world of.. toymaking!

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  • Making a sculpting stick
    on Jul 10, 2016
    You don't have to buy a fancy set of tools to start sculpting. Let's make a sculpting tool from stuff around the house. In this video I'll show you how to turn a disposable chopstick in to a sculpting tool.Next time, I'll show you how I use the tool...
  • Frikisculpt: The Oni LadyA stream from last year. Sculpting the oni lady bust in paper clay. More pics of the finished piece can be seen here: http://www.midztoyz.com/2015/08/oniko-demon-girl-sketch-by-edsa-m-on.html...
  • Sculpting Marigold's HairSculpting Marigold's hair. The original design can be seen here:frikimidz.tumblr.com/post/136417281848/bugdoodles-marigold-the-flameborn-harpies-areI'm using paper clay for this project. I mix my own paper clay based on Jonni's (ultimatepapermache) r...
  • Female Link painted sketch
    on Dec 26, 2015 in Custom fansculpt figures
    A sketch of Ian C. Samson's rule 63 Link. Sculpted in paper clay and finished with acrylic paint.If you like this sketch and want me to sculpt you a sketch then you're in luck. I'll be opening several portrait sketch commission slot in the coming wee...
  • Yan (from Indivisible) Sculpture Turnaround
    on Nov 24, 2015
    Yan from Indivisible. Go visit www.support-indivisible.com to fund make this game exist. There's also a playable alpha-demo too to wet your appetite. More pictures after the break!Picture dump. Woo!
  • Amethys Bust sculpture
    on Oct 27, 2015 in amethyst figures steven universe video
    I've been sculpting several gem portrait, from the oh so wonderful series Steven Universe, lately. Starting with Opal, Peridot, Jasper, Pearl and now Amethyst.This piece was sculpted in paper clay and finished in acrylic. More pictures and a turnarou...
  • Rachnera Arachnera bust-turnaround
    on Oct 23, 2015 in fansculpt figures video
    I sculpt this bust of Rachnera Arachnera from Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou as a request from a frind. It turned out quite nice. Sculpted in paperclay and finished in acrylic.I skip adding the frilly details on her costume though. And this sculpt ca...
  • Oniko the demon girl mini bustOniko the demon girl sketch by edsa-m on DeviantArtI did this sculpt on stream. The material used was paper clay and painted using acrylics. Below are the some step by step picture on the making of Oniko.
  • Peridot mini bust from Steven UniversePeridot Mini BustI sculpted this Peridot mini bust using paper clay with an epoxy core.Below is a step-by-step progression of the sculpt. Since I used paper clay, I need to dry the sculpt after each step. For that I used a toaster oven. After I finis...
  • Oniko the demon girl sketch by edsa-m on DeviantArtI did this sculpt on stream. The material used was paper clay and painted using acrylics. Below are the some step by step picture on the making of Oniko.
  • Digimon sculpts
    on Aug 18, 2015 in Digimon fansculpt figures
    Last May I did task myself to make AND finish some Digimon themed sculpt. 3 months later, it is done. Enjoy!
  • Stevenbomb 3 themed sculpts
    on Jul 14, 2015 in fansculpt figures steven universe
    Steven Universe rocks. And currently the 3rd stevenbomb is running on cartoon network. And for that, here are some new sculpts.
  • She-Hulk wax sketch
    on Oct 27, 2014 in fansculpt M.waxZ speed sculpting
    Made this for a proportion tutorial (which is incoming). Based on her Marvel vs. Capcom 3 model. I still need more practice rendering hair. Sculpted using MwaxZ E.
  • FrikiMidz Sculpt stream 19 Oct. 2014 pt.2Here's the 2nd part from last week sculptstream. Here, I'm sketching another character from Cassiopeia Quinn, Captain Madison Vrax. She has a blue complexion, so using blue colored wax is suitable. And here are the photo gallery from that session.
  • Frikimidz Sunday Sculptstream 19 Oct. 2014 pt1
    on Oct 22, 2014 in fansculpt M.waxZ speed sculpting video
    I started streaming again. The schedule is every Sunday Morning starting from 10:00 AM WIB (GMT+7). I usually go for around one to two hours. So if you have the time, do join in next stream!Here is part 1 of the edited video from last Sculptstre...
  • Speed sculpts: fansculpts
    on Sep 7, 2014 in M.waxZ speed sculpting
    I did some more speed sketches these past few weeks. If you're interested in seeing this stuff on a relatively regular basis, you should go see my tumblr blog at: http://frikimidz.tumblr.com. Enjoy!Saitama (serious face) - Onepunch man Saitama (aver...
  • New tutorial soon!
    on Aug 25, 2014 in Tutorial/guides
    This will be a small one concerning a side project and somewhat of a warm up for the big one later along the way. Here's a sneak peek of the project in question.
  • 1013 subscribers. YAY!
    on Aug 5, 2014 in fansculpt misc. speed sculpting
    My youtube channel just hit 1013 subcribers! Thank you to all of you. I appreciate it very much.I'm sorry that I haven't uploaded a new video in a while, but hopefully that will change soon. I got a few weeks before the next semester starts. That sho...
  • More speed sculpt: Korra stuff
    on Aug 1, 2014 in legend of korra speed sculpting
    Some quick bust sketches of Korra characters.Update: added the 'young toph beifong' speed sculpt.Ming hua P'li Lin beifong Asami and Korra Young Toph Beifong...
  • More speed sculpting: The Crystal gems
    on Jul 15, 2014 in fansculpt M.waxZ speed sculpting
    More sculpting exercises. This time I did the crystal gems from Steven Universe. Hmm... I need to make a full figure of Pearl.More soon. Enjoy!