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  • Greetings from my home! xD
    on Dec 6, 2010
    Hey guys! How are you doing? Long time no see you! :P-Alighf...
  • Good bye good bye!
    on Aug 27, 2010
    Hey guys, as everything starts, everything ends, but god. Anyway, I am 14 by now and I think it is my time to quit Club Penguin blogging. There have been good virtual friends in my life, but they stay virtual. Now, I am going to dedicate 100% to my l...
  • Art for Haiti Finalists
    on Aug 26, 2010
    Hello Penguins!For everyone taking part in our Art for Haiti project, today's an important day... It's time to vote for our finalist!After careful consideration, the team has picked the top 4 submissions. Now everyone needs to decide which pi...
  • Field Ops Mission 11 Guide!
    on Aug 24, 2010
    There us a new Field Op available to complete! To successfully complete it, do this:1. Log in Club Penguin2. Select your server3. Click on your Spy Gadget4. Click on "Go there"5. Walk to the Field Ops screen6. Accept the Field Op7. Open your map, and...
  • EPF Elite Gear: Tactical gear is out!
    on Aug 24, 2010
    Club Penguin just released the 11th Field Operation, with as addition to it, new Elite Gear. This new Elite Gear is designed for tactical situations. Check it out.The new Elite Gear is available under the Tactical tag.Tactical HeadsetsAlpha HeadsetDe...
  • Reviewed by You: Art for Haiti
    on Aug 24, 2010
    Club Penguin's Billybob posts a new Reviewed by You every Tuesday. It's Tuesday, so anyways each week they choose one review they like best and post it on Club Penguin's next Reviewed by You post. They also add 10,000 coins to your penguin account!La...
  • Field-Op #11
    on Aug 23, 2010
    Club Penguin has released field-op number 11! Read our easy to follow guide below on how to finish field-op 11.Click your spy phone and click go there to report to the Command Room.Click Field-Ops to receive your mission.Click Accept Field-Op to star...
  • New Igloo Music
    on Aug 22, 2010
    Club Penguin has now released new igloo music. Do you like the music? I like "You Rock" the best but, what about you? What's your favorite? I have highlighted the new igloo music for you so take a look below.  -Mimi40751, Club PenguCheats Team...
  • New Postcards
    on Aug 22, 2010
    New postcards have arrived on Club Penguin, and I think they’re pretty awesome!  I like the campfire postcard the best. What about you, which is your favorite? Comment below with your favorite! -Mimi40751, Club PenguCheats Team...
  • Furniture + September clothing EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peeks!
    on Aug 19, 2010
    There is a new furniture catalog comming out today, and there will be new clothing on September! So guess what? I've got exclusive sneak peeks of both for you! Check them out!Wow! They look awesome! What do you think?-Alighf, Club PenguCheats Team&nb...
  • Club Penguin Better Igloos Catalog August 2010 Cheats
    on Aug 19, 2010
    Club Penguin released the August 2010 Better Igloos Catalog today. There are many new furniture items, along with many returning ones.The main new thing this month is the customized furniture items. The furniture editor seems pretty cool, so be sure...
  • Club Penguin Igloo Upgrades Catalog August 2010 Cheats
    on Aug 19, 2010
  • Reviewed by you: Igloo decorating
    on Aug 18, 2010
    Club Penguin's owner Billybob makes a weekly post called the "Reviewed by you". There, we are asked about something and we give them our answer of 50-75 words. If our answer is the best and gets chosen, we get 10,000 coins added to our account and ou...
  • Club Penguin Field Ops Mission 10
    on Aug 16, 2010
    Field Operations, better known as Field Ops are missions assigned by Gary the Gadget guy, codenamed "G" at the EPF headquarters. Every tuesday, there is a new Field Op available to complete, which are prized with a badge to buy EPF items.This week's...
  • Apply to be a worker!
    on Aug 15, 2010
    Have you ever been interested on working on NOW IT'S YOUR CHANCE! I am hiring workers to post on Club PenguCheats, better known as PosterPengs! Here are the steps:Login your email accountCreate a new emailIn the address box, type...
  • Club Penguin Mountain Expedition Ultimate Guide
    on Aug 12, 2010
    Hey Penguins!So Today The Mountain Expedition has STARTED!!!so here is the guide on how to successfully complete the Mountain expeditionFirst off go to the ski village and enter the Mountain expedition preparation site There are a few...
  • Club Penguin:Review By You
    on Aug 11, 2010
    Hey Guys!So Billybob asked us a question last week on the CP blog and heres what one penguin had to say:Lots of you are getting excited for the Mountain Expedition which starts on Friday! Last week, we asked you what challenges you thought you'd face...
  • EPF Field Ops Mission 9 Guide!
    on Aug 9, 2010
    Today there is a new Field Operation available. I have a complete guide for you!1. Go on Club Penguin.2. Click on your blinking Spy Gadget.3. Click on "Go there" to enter the EPF Command Room.4. Walk to the Field Ops screen/central.5. Accept the Fiel...
  • Club Penguin Times Issue #251
    on Aug 5, 2010
    Hey They Penguins!So Today On Club Penguin The New Club Penguin times has Come out and Here is The Headlines of the Club Penguin Times So Also Here is the Up Coming Events on Club Penguin Doesn't Mention anything that Will Happen Next Week on the 13t...
  • Club Penguin Coin Doubling Glitch
    on Aug 5, 2010
    THE FOLLOWING CHEATS IS COPYRIGHTED BY CLUBPENGUCHEATS.COMSo I Was Waddling Around Club Penguin When My Friend Told Me of This Super Awesome Glitch on Club Penguin,How to Double Your Coins Take a look.Login and Go on Any Server Play Any Game On...