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Tips,Advices & Infomations on how to save more, grow, and increase your wealth, eventually.. achieve financial freedom.

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Have you heard of Vision Board can create success? Have you set any vision board or goals to.. achieve? Make use of your mindset and vision to create whatever you want in your life.

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  • Investment You Cannot Miss
    on May 9, 2012
    Dear Readers I promise you i will share a good investment opportunity and i believe you should come and listen and no obligation. Pre-IPO stock investment opportunity! To be listed in NASDAQ US. What are we? The introductory company is a Singapore...
  • Lesson to be Learnt
    on Apr 10, 2012 in Investment
    Dear Readers The first sentence will be always the same every blog i posted. I got to apologize since months my previous post. Let me share with you some true stories here. Last month we encountered some mishap. We lost an investmen...
  • My Next Very Big Active & Passive IncomeDear Readers It been sometime i never post much things. I am sorry. My side had lost partial passive income due to Malaysia land natural disaster. Funny right? Malaysia always come out with many different ideas. Anyway will quickly pick up anothe...
  • Benefit of Generate Passive Income
    on Dec 20, 2011 in passive income opportunity
    Dear Readers So right now you should had understand the term of passive income. So why are we discuss these? What are the benefits of generate passive income? 1. Make a strong initial effort to get your income started,then do minimal work (or vi...
  • Passive Income
    on Dec 12, 2011 in passive income opportunity
    Dear Readers This was what i wrote 3 years ago and it still apply now. Just want to share again with my supporting readers. ;) Do you want to continue working 50, 70, 100 hours a week the rest of your life? If the answer is Yes, then you can ski...
  • Here is the Proof
    on Nov 28, 2011 in 1st Wave Ride
    Dear Readers My sincere apology. I found out that they never send me my 1st wave ride cheque but they post the money to my bank account. I hereby post a picture of the commission statement to show you the 5 figure amount. Statement Commissi...
  • My 1st Wave Ride
    on Oct 11, 2011 in 1st Wave Ride
    Dear Readers My first line to readers is always the same. Busy schedule again and left us alone? No no no, do not be mistaken. I was busy riding the wave so today i am free to share with you all. :) What wave i am talking about? If you receive...
  • Sheng Siong
    on Aug 25, 2011 in Sheng Siong
    Dear Readers It really a very long time ever since i blog till now i miss all of you. What happen to me? Why no more post about saving or growing money? Are you running away from us? No no no, it was because i been "trapped" by a company which kill...
  • Your Salary
    on Jun 29, 2011 in salary
    Dear Readers It been sometime i haven't post anything here yet. This month is my busiest month of the year due to my latest schedule. Let me share something very meaningful and useful link here as i believe most of us are employees. Do you want to...
  • Save Time & Earn Cash
    on Jun 13, 2011 in Save time earn money
    Dear Readers This time i really found a very good website which can enable you to earn money easily and help to save your time in return. Thanks to Calvin for the recommendation. Why earn money easily? The reason is all yo...
  • Next Incoming Event
    on Jun 7, 2011 in Internet Marketing
    Dear Readers Alomost 3 weeks i never post any useful wealth info here due to my new schedule ahead. Time passes fast. Is june 2011 now. Have you achieve what you really want so far? Today i just want to share with you a very great event which i go...
  • Time is Money
    on May 9, 2011 in Save time Save Money
    Dear Readers I need your help to understand yourself one thing. Step back for a minute and think about it. Each person is blessed with the same allotment of time – 168 hours per week, 24 hours per day. Many of us sell the majority of thos...
  • Personal Sharing
    on May 4, 2011 in Sharing Save Money
    Dear Readers It been more than a week i havent post any good information here. Why? The reason is simple. I had come out my own personal sharing just for you here. Thanks for your support since this blog is setup. I going to share with you in life...
  • Spend Less Than You Earn
    on Mar 29, 2011 in Save Money
    Dear Readers Look at the title. It sounds so simple, doesn’t it? Yet there are many people out there burying themselves in debt (spending more than they earn) or living purely paycheck to paycheck (spending exactly what they earn). Simply spendi...
  • 52 Steps Saving Money
    on Mar 16, 2011 in Financial Freedom Save Money
    Dear Readers I will be going overseas business trip for a week and there will be unavailable internet access over there. So this time round i will keep you reading this article (I participate some of it) for more than 10 minutes without bored...
  • DNA Genetic Test
    on Mar 14, 2011 in Preventive Healthcare
    Dear Readers Today i going to share with you real facts and can save you big big money. I am sure a lot of people had heard of DNA test. In the last 20 years and even till now forensic scientists use DNA to reflect a person makeup a...
  • Budget Tools
    on Mar 7, 2011 in Budget Save Money
    Dear Readers How is your day? In our country Singapore, Government had introduced Budget packaging. In my blog here, i also introduce Budget tools. Below is a very interesting article from Tom sharing his own way of budgeting. I had did it myself t...
  • Part Time Jobs
    on Mar 3, 2011 in part time jobs
    Dear Readers Sorry i am late for the post of this month. Hopefully you guys still can read me. Today i going to share with you part time job. Who doesn’t want extra money? With the rising costs of just about everything today — food, housing, e...
  • The Triangle Of Wealth
    on Feb 28, 2011 in Create Wealth
    Dear Readers This is an interesting article i get permission from Mr David. He is a freelance writer in Malaysia. He is using 3 legs to determine his wealth. Hope his sharing will benefit us a lot. ;) Keeping in mind that getting rich means differe...
  • Multiple Streams of Income
    on Feb 22, 2011 in multiple streams Business plan
    Dear Readers Did you know that there are only 3 real ways on how stream of income in your life come from. The 1st one revolves around what most of you do every day. You work in a job. You exchange your time for money. This is the major source...