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  • Football Manager 2014 with Oxford Fc
    on Jul 13, 2014
    Hi its been a while, 2 years with no update on Football Manager, now im back playing FM 14. Currently managing Oxford Fc. After this i will share my tactics being used, achievement, players, tips and stay tune..Tips managing lower league c...
  • SCOUT PLAYER EURO 2021 QUARTER FINALEURO or Any major tournament are one of big platform for manager to scout new talent, here is one of many tips to scout very good player to buy.- Have a specialize scout on your team, meaning that each scout must have at least two country that he ha...
    on Nov 16, 2011
    Hi for those who play lower league, i would suggest to look at this free player, really good.Gary Doherty from CharltonPrice: 30-50kposition: DCAGE: 31Lee MolyneuxPrice: FREEPosition: LBAge: 22Michael Stewart from scotlandPrice: FREEposition: MCaGE:...
  • Testing FM12 tactics, player, training with BournemouthHi guys, i just buy FM12, starting to play it, experimenting with new interface, transfer, tactics, try to find any free players available..will update the perfomance of all the player that i bought for Bournemouth later. here is what i've done on my...
  • Football Manager 2012 oR FM12..
    on Aug 2, 2011 in tactics fm2012 training tips fm12
    Hi all, its been a while since my last post, and i am not as active as before, playing FM was one of memorable moment of relaxing,and i enjoy it from the first FM i have played(fm06). But now, life must go on, each one of us will grow and be a more...
  • How to sell players effectively..
    on May 8, 2011
    i find its hard to sell players in FM2011, and i figure out some ways to sell them,:-loan them , send them to loan, let them have fitness, games experience, then offer to all clubs.-find feeder club, find a good one, and send your players to that cl...
  • tactics for FM11..
    on Feb 25, 2011
    today im gonna share some of tactics that i use and experiment for are some of the formation:-4-4-2-4-5-1-4-2-4-4-3-3this tactics is suitable for all leagues, but again you need to try and error or mixed and match to get the best result.
  • Important attributes for Center Defender..
    on Feb 12, 2011
  • Important attributes for Centre Defender..
    on Feb 12, 2011
    As we know that centre defender is very important in a team, defensively, so how to scout for a good defender..i im gonna give some tips based on my experience playing FM11..1) Make sure attributes for heading, marking, tackling is high, 17 for BPL,...
  • on Feb 1, 2011
    4-3-3 tacticsdisadvantages:-your midfield may get tired faster, to much space to covered up..-more risk to let go goals, especially if they play wide, or have a good winger..-three striker does not help much defending..advantages:-can score lots of g...
  • tips of the day for FM11
    on Dec 7, 2010
    HI im gonna give some tips for you who play lower division for example npower league 1, or 2..tactics:-dont to extreme, like 'all out attack'...your player might get tired and concede at the very last minute.-vary your tactics, attacking a...
  • FM 2011 with Bournemouth
    on Nov 26, 2010
    like FM10, I select Bournemouth as my first team to manage..BDGET- 30k wage bdget, 0 transfer feeWE Start at League 1 ( before championship)my target is to win promotion and get new about new feature, maybe i would try to upload some of...
  • FM 2011
    on Nov 16, 2010
    Dear all, its been a while since my last update my FM10 Story, tactics and tips..and FM10 time has past, were looking forward FM 2011 !!FM11 NEW Feature is:-Improve 3d match engine (night match, more realistic, animation)-Improve database (more...
  • Season summary..
    on Sep 5, 2010
    i manage to end my season 12th place, not a bad start for first time in EPL, any here is my season summary, my player is the signing of the season, performing really are my final position:we certainly need to bolster our squad with defen...
  • Season 2012/2013
    on Sep 5, 2010
    here is my transfer, i was given bdget around 50MILLION, and that is more than enough to strengthen my squad:I buy two central defender tommy spurr and miranda, their ability was very strong for centre half (heading 17, marking 16, tackling 17)my hig...
  • new season, new player, new tactics
    on Jul 17, 2010
    i've been promoted to EPL and need new player so that my team would not be are new player that i bought for free and for a fee...(27million transfer bdget..)have to let go many players because some of them are not good enough for EPL,...
  • Long Hard Season Paid off..
    on Jun 10, 2010
    after long hard season, i finally manage to get promotion, from play off final..EPL, here we come..i give my appreciation to my striker, Febian Brandy, i did not expect him to score so many goals like in coca cola league One..but he is awesome..maybe...
  • Transfer, half season, and tactics
    on May 31, 2010
    As i have been promoted to coca cola championship, i must prepare my team to bigger challenge, and more competitive teams.. as usual, my transfer policy is try to get quality player from free transfer because my club is not that big to give huge sum...
  • End of season two..PROMOTION..
    on May 27, 2010
    hi all, after long hard season, i manage to get promotion to coca cola championship. Using several tactics to survive in this league is a very hard job for is the player FEBIAN BRANDY is the top scorer bagging 30 goals..look fo...
  • on May 15, 2010
    5-3-2 tacticsi have been chosen as manager of the month, using this tacticsi think this is the best tactics i have created so lets look on my tacticsthis is an attacking 5-3-2 tactics..use very fluid for philosophyshorter for passingmore roam...