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The Blog Cafe designs custom blogs for blogger & wordpress. Each custom blog design reflects the.. bloggers style. Twitter backgrounds, facebook, youtube and more. Spreading Happiness one blog at a.. time!

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Paper Crafts and Scrapbooking techniques, tips and ideas including tutorials, giveaways and product.. reviews.

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  • National News
    on Mar 18, 2011
    NATIONAL SPECIAL EDITOR'S PICKSSend out your thoughts, do your bit for Japan2011 Cricket World Cup specialJapan Earthquake: Local resources & infoJapan was warned over n-plants: WikiLeaksLakme Fashion Week 2011Script a witty caption nowNEWSHungry...
  • Need Washing?
    on Aug 4, 2010 in Spiritual
    A very good friend of mine sent me this story in an e-mail.  The author is unknown, but I had to share it with you.  It touched my heart to receive this, because I am continually forgetting to take time to make memories.  I get caught up in the th...
  • Homeschooling Do's and Don'ts!
    on Aug 3, 2010 in Homeschool
    I couldn't have said it better than this mother, Jennifer Roy.  With 11 years experience in homeschooling here is her advice.  Do's consistency give plenty of praise (even when it appears they didn't get it, find something to praise them about) g...
  • Book Feature for August 2010!
    on Aug 2, 2010 in Monthly Book Feature
    Love Is the Greatest is a "practical, down-to-earth analysis of one of the great themes of the Bible, Christian love.  The power of Christian love cannot be underestimated, for it is the foundation and core of a meaningful, abundant life in Jes...
  • One Chicken; 3 or 4 or 5 Meals
    on Jul 30, 2010 in Healthier Eating
    Everyone has heard about taking a whole chicken, and stretching it for more than one meal, so this is not new. But why did it become one of my weekly scheduled "to do's"? The biggest obstacle for my mom to overcome has been her weight. ...
  • I Believe!
    on Jul 28, 2010 in Spiritual
  • Planning and Filling Workboxes
    on Jul 28, 2010 in Homeschool
    I have our school schedule, and the Term Planner is filled out using the Scope and Sequence provided by K12.  My workboxes, or in my case, file folders are set up.  Now the real fun begins!  If you are able to sit down in front of the computer...
  • My Healthy Spaghetti
    on Jul 26, 2010 in Healthier Eating
    Having a child and a diabetic in the household I found some creative ways to make our favorite foods healthier.  Depriving my son of his favorites because they were not good choices for my mother was not an option for me. Through a lot of research...
  • Book Feature for July 2010!
    on Jul 24, 2010 in Monthly Book Feature
    As you have probably guessed I love books.  I love to read, and have had to control my urge to collect as many books as I possibly can.  Every month I will showcase some of my favorite books. My first book feature will be Terri Blackstock's "...
  • Our 2010-2011 Schedule!
    on Jul 22, 2010 in Homeschool
    Here is our tentative schedule for 2010-2011 school year.  We will start with this schedule, and make adjustments when necessary.   8:00 -   8:30   Morning Activities  8:30 -   9:00   Bible  (Workbox 1)   9:00 -   9:30   History...
  • K¹² Curriculum
    on Jul 20, 2010 in Homeschool
    When you make the decision to homeschool, the first question is probably "What curriculum should I use?"  There is so much out there to choose from it can seem daunting.  Of course there is always the matter of the curriculum conforming...
  • My Workboxes
    on Jul 13, 2010 in Homeschool
    Sue Patrick's workbox system is the big buzz around homeschoolers!  It is, "An effective teaching system to reduce your organizational time and increase your child's self-control, independence, and learning."  Sue Patrick has a special...
  • Back to School With K¹²
    on Jul 11, 2010 in Homeschool
    Have you received your curriculum yet?  Have you checked out the K¹² tutorials?  Do you have your "school room" all set up?  Has the excitement, nervousness, fear, and/or anxiety set in? Take a deep breath and slowly let it out.  You...
  • What will your future look like?
    on Jul 8, 2010 in Diabetes
    How will our actions today determine our future. By listening to the Spirit, and fighting the temptations of today we allow God to guide us. Giving Him control and obeying Him will make our future look a lot more attractive. We are all a little hard...
  • Warning Don't Eat!!!
    on Jul 8, 2010 in Spiritual
    Click the image and then zoom in to read the fine print. It's a good one.
  • The Meal Plan
    on Jun 30, 2010 in Diabetes
    The objective of this plan is to lower the fat, salt, and sugar intake without sacrificing taste or the foods you love. Your taste buds will have to adjust a little to the natural flavor of food again without the additions of butter, margarine, salt,...
  • Sugar Spikes, Weight Issues?
    on Jun 29, 2010 in Diabetes
    Do you feel this is your only option? Are you frustrated with your meter readings? Have you tried all the different diets out there with minimal or no results? My mother and I have, and I decided that none of them will work if your heart, or taste bu...
  • Summer Break!
    on Jun 27, 2010 in Homeschool
    It is time to wipe our brow, and jump in the pool. We made it through our first year of homeschooling, and my little man did great. There were the normal adjustments to mom being teacher. I'm not sure how many times I heard, "Teacher didn't do i...
  • Where Do We Go From Here?
    on Jun 27, 2010 in Diabetes
    That is the question! I have lived with diabetes ever since my mother was diagnosed with it almost 25-30 years ago. At first it was not a question for me to answer. What steps should I take to help her with this disease? How would it affect me? What...
  • Welcome!
    on Jun 26, 2010 in Welcome
    Thank you for visiting my blog. My purpose for writing this is to remember all the blessings God has given me, and to share some of those with you. I have fallen short, gone my own direction, and struggled out of many pits. He has never forsaken me!

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