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  • Wastewater Treatment for Removal of Urea, Ammonia and Carbon Dioxide
    on Apr 28, 2012
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  • Acetylene production process using calcium carbide
    on Mar 13, 2012 in Acetylene
    Acetylene plants are available in capacities from 25m3/hr to 200m3/hr and are quite automatic in nature. The reaction of calcium carbide with water leads to the production of acetylene in a Stationary Carbide to Water type Automatic Acetylene Generat...
  • Distillation operator functions and duties for successful operation of a distillation column like start up and shut down:
    on Feb 20, 2012 in Distillation column
    Though distillation column is designed and installed as per some sophisticated mathematical calculations and computer software model it not so easy while operating it in the field. Operation of distillation column ultimately works by the hands of the...
  • Flow through Packed and Fluidized Beds
    on Feb 3, 2012 in Fluid Mechanics
    When a fluid which may be liquid or gas flowing through equipment and pipes which are filled with packing materials or solid obstruction(particles in case of catalyst powder) and even in the case of solid transport by mean of fluid flowing system, we...
  • Electrical Transformers
    on Feb 3, 2012 in Electrical
    Transformer is a static electromagnetic machine, which converts A.C electrical energy from higher voltage to lower voltage and vice verse with corresponding increase or decrease in current without any change in frequency. Working Principle: It consi...
  • Fire extinguishers and their applications
    on Jan 12, 2012 in Safety flow sheet
    The above may vary base on regional practice and safety regulations Due to chemical reaction between the fuel and oxygen present in atmosphere along with presence of heat, fire is created. By suppressing one of the three constitutes fire can be...
  • Petrochemical products from Propylene
    on Dec 31, 2011 in Propylene
    Flow chart of Propylene Derivatives  A simple flow chart can explain the chemical products derived from the propylene. Polypropylene is derived by catalysis process, each sequence is specified like propylene is treated with benzene to get cumene and...
  • Alumina Refinery Process Flow Diagram
    on Dec 26, 2011 in Alumina
    Alumina refinery process flow diagram Bauxite is used as raw material for production of alumina; the composition of bauxite contains about 50% of aluminum oxide and about 5% silica. The process involves crushing of bauxite to 100- mesh and dissolve...
  • Soaps and Soap manufacturing process
    on Dec 26, 2011 in Soap
    Soaps are from the class of surface-active agents or surfactants. Where the surface properties play the role of water like and dislike ability of the compound. A compound which shows attractiveness towards water and dissolves in it called as hydrophi...
  • Printing Machine and it Devices
    on Dec 26, 2011 in Printing device
     Printing machine is also known as printing press, a equipment used to print out copies of original document by means of forcing the inked surface on the belt of the paper or cloths or polymer sheets. Any form of text or images are imprinted on seri...
  • Selection and Testing of Bricks and Building Stones for Construction of your House
    on Oct 18, 2011 in Construction
    For strong walls of a house, bricks are used as one of the main material for construction along with cement and iron. To select the best brick some quality testing method are available so that at the site itself you can check its strength, one of the...
  • Online Education for Bachelor and Masters Degree, Universities and Colleges for Online education
    on Oct 17, 2011 in Online edu
    Online education is way to learn your interested courses and obtain a suitable degree by following the respective university or college prospectus without any personal interaction with the university. By registering to the website of the universities...
  • Switchgear Protective Device of Electrical Plants
    on Oct 15, 2011 in Electrical
    The choice of suitable switchgear depends to al larger extent on the actual duty than any other type of electrical plant. In addition to switching on or off any section of an electrical installation, the switchgear generally includes the necessary pr...
  • Mechanical properties of materials
    on Oct 15, 2011 in Material science
    Mechanical properties are most important in selecting materials for structural machine components. Any tool, or any power transmission device and wear member of the components, should include a number of the factors needed for serviceability which is...
  • Power Consumption of Appliances and Electrical Apparatus
    on Oct 14, 2011 in Electrical
    Appliance     Consumption in Watts Incandescent lamps    10 upwards Fluorescent lamps    45 to 60 Clock    2 to 3 Radio    40 to 150 Television    200 to 400 Electric...
  • Electric Lamps and Lighting Calculations, Definitions and Units
    on Oct 11, 2011 in Electrical
    Impulses of radiant energy are emitted from various sources at various wavelength, some of which affect the eye, causing the sensation known as light. Light can thus be expressed in terms of radiant energy of wavelength between about 4000 and 7000 An...