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  • Apologizing..
    on Nov 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hello guys, it’s me, Andreas. I want to apologizing for not posting the latest news the past few days.. I haven’t been to school, we have a Half-term, but my Internet was not working.. Now is back, and hopefully there isn’t going to...
  • Should We Have A Birthday Party For Andreas’ Birthday?
    on Nov 8, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Tomorrow it’s my Birthday, and I will be 14 years old. Should we celebrate this on Club Penguin? Party? Or not..?? You tell me! If I decide we are going to have a party, it won’t be for tomorrow, because probably folks will visit me. But...
  • Club Penguin Sled Pin & Penguin Style November 2009
    on Nov 6, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hey Guys, there is a new Penguin Style Catalog and a new Pin Hidden somewhere in the island. Watch the videos below to find the Sled Pin and find the cheats for the Penguin Style Catalog. Watch in HD. PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!  Waddle On...
  • Club Penguin MYSTERY DISNEY PIN!!
    on Nov 5, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hey everyone, once again, it’s Andreasmich.  I just unlocked something really awesome!! Just a pin, but a really cool and rare one. I am not sure what it’s called, because I unlocked it using a code, and it didn’t say its name. It...
  • Club Penguin Halloween Party Members-Only Rooms
    on Nov 1, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Andreasmich is here again. Today I have finally become a member again after 5 months!! I am very very happy and I made a video showing you the first time I logged as a member after all that time. I went into the members-only rooms of the Halloween Pa...
  • Where’s Snow Dobby? We Want Him Back!!
    on Oct 31, 2009 in Uncategorized
  • Club Penguin Halloween Party 2009
    on Oct 26, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Once again, it’s me Andreasmich. The Halloween Party 2009 has already began and it’s one of the best Parties every on Club Penguin.. It has a Scavenger Hunt and the prize is a cool background, 2 Members-Only Rooms, 1 members-only free i...
  • Club Penguin 4th Anniversary Party
    on Oct 24, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hello guys, as always, Andreasmich is here!! Today is the 4th Anniversary of Club Penguin and there is a party going on in Town, Coffee Shop and Book Room!! This party is ONLY FOR TODAY so log in Club Penguin and party with all the other penguins!! T...
  • Club Penguin 4th Anniversary Pin
    on Oct 23, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hey guys. Seems like SnowDobby is busy or something, so I am the only one posting right now, I hope he is going to come back soon, but even if he doesn’t, you shouldn’t stop visiting this site!! A new Pin was released today, the 4th Anni...
  • Club Penguin Times #210
    on Oct 22, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hey guys, it’s Andreasmich. A new Newspaper was released today; here is a video showing you all the News & Upcoming Events!! Watch in HD and FULL SCREEN: PLEASE SUBSCRIBE!! Enjoy!!
  • Club Penguin Treasure Book Series 5
    on Oct 20, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Andreasmich again. By the way, call me Andreas if you like. A new Treasure Book was released yesterday. Here is a video with all the cheats and items inside this new awesome book!! Remember to watch in HD and FULL SCREEN!! Please SUBSCRIBE to my c...
  • Do you want Club Penguin Missions Walkthrough??
    on Oct 19, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hey guys. Nothing new to post, so I am just thinking. I love making new videos all the time.. Now it’s time to tell me what you want.. Walkthrough for all the Club Penguin Missions? Something else? Please leave a comment saying your suggestion.
  • Club Penguin Oct-Nov Furniture Catalog Cheats & More
    on Oct 16, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hello everyone, this is Andreasmich. I am really in a hurry, and I can’t say lots of things. Today there was a new Furniture Catalog released and the Halloween Igloo Decoration Contest started!! Also, the Storm is coming very soon!! Check the v...
  • Club Penguin Times Issue #209
    on Oct 15, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hey Guys, it’s Andreasmich. The latest Club Penguin Times Newspaper talks about Halloween, Club Penguin Anniversary, the Upcoming Storm and other awesome things!! Check it out!! Watch it in HD and Full Screen!! (Don’t forget to SUBSCRIB...
  • Club Penguin: My Videos In HD(High Definition)
    on Oct 11, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hey guys. It’s Andreasmich . Did you watch my videos? Did you like them? I make my videos in High Definition and they definately rock. If you click HD(to watch the in HD) in YouTube and also watch it in full screen, it’s like playing Cl...
  • Club Penguin All Today’s News
    on Oct 9, 2009 in Uncategorized
    Hey guys. It’s Andreasmich. I am really sorry for posting late today.. I have been making videos for hours now, in HD(High Definition) and it took me a long time! So here are the videos!! The New Pin is the Football Pin. It is located at the Lo...
  • Club Penguin Cheats Squidzoid & Melmonst vs Shadow Guy & Gamma Girl
    on Oct 9, 2009 in Club Penguin Cheats
    Hey everyone, Akon Homiecp here posting for my buddy Woah, seems like the Squidzoid and the Melmonst teamed up to attack the two heroes, hmm its a tough battle, who do you think will win? The is a new play at the Stage, and there is a new Costume T...
  • Club Penguin Reviewed By You
    on Oct 9, 2009 in Club Penguin Cheats
    Hey everyone, Akon Homiecp here posting for my buddy Last week you let Club Penguin know your favorite Stage costumes and they weren’t surprised that so many of you like so many different ones! Here’s what Plumpy55647 commented: I think...
  • Club Penguin New Pin Cheats Football Pin
    on Oct 9, 2009 in Club Penguin Cheats
    Hey everyone, Akon Homiecp here posting for my buddy Snowdobby added me on this site, HE DID NOT QUIT CP. There’s a new pin on Club Penguin in the Ski Lodge Attic. Unfortunately, it wasn’t the castle pin. 1. Log onto Club Penguin. 2. Ope...
  • Club Penguin Cheats Dojo and Ninja Hideout Affected by Volcano
    on Oct 9, 2009 in Club Penguin Cheats
    Hey everyone, Akon Homiecp here posting for my buddy There has been some news going around that a storm was coming on Club Penguin. If you go to the Dojo, you will find the sky smoky and dark because of the volcano. The smoke probably changed the s...