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No matter color and nationality you can always be a muslim

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  • Story: Lauren Booth
    on Oct 28, 2010
    In-law of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has converted to Islam after a visit to Iran. In that country, Lauren Booth - Cherie Blair's sister - had something which he said was "pure experience".The Guardian reports that journalists and broad...
  • Mesut Ozil, Baca Alqur`an Sebelum Tanding
    on Jul 13, 2010
    lepas dari aksi para pemain naturalisasi yang berasal dari keluarga imigran. Mesut Ozil, pemain bernomor punggung 8, adalah salah satu di antaranya. Pria kelahiran Jerman berusia 21 tahun ini berasal dari keluarga imigran asal Kota Zonguldak di Utara...
  • Indonesian porn video case
    on Jun 14, 2010
    The scandal involving three Indonesian artists, which is similar to Ariel, Luna Maya and Cut Tari, got the news portion of the New York Times on Monday (14 / 6), titled, ." The contents of the news mentioned that the video clips in addition to making...
  • Democrazy
    on May 21, 2010 in BAHASA INDONESIA
    Boleh jadi Indonesia sukses dengan sistem 'demokrasi' -nya, bahkan katanya keberhasilan itu dicontoh oleh negara-negara tetangganya. Keberhasilan tersebut sangat dipuji-puji dan dikatakan sebuah sebuah prestasi yang luar biasa. Prestasi tersebut juga...
  • Bad vs Good News...
    on May 17, 2010
    Headache… every day reading the news that's all it was. Moreover, cases have not finished the other cases had been opened again. What do they mean? Close the old case tacitly or indeed a chaotic condition. The central government until now there has...
  • Brother Ali: Islam & Music
    on Mar 4, 2010
    "Our prophet is a walking example of what human excellence can be and all the potentials that is inside of a human being," Brother Ali says.Brother Ali has a very interesting explanation for what changed him from an angry, struggling teen growing in...
  • Story #85 An Irish Dentist Embraces Islam; Roger Hadden
    on Nov 17, 2009
    "My conversion changed my life completely, and looking back I know I made the correct decision"...My name is Roger Hadden, and I am originally from Dungannon in Northern Ireland. I am a dentist currently working in England. I have lived in Northern I...
  • Story #86 I Was Taught to Hate Islam; Tina Styliandou's story
    on Nov 17, 2009
    "All the "caricatures" and slander against Muhammad which is published now by the media, was part of our lessons and our exams!"I was born in Athens, Greece , to Greek Orthodox parents. My father's family lived in Turkey, Istanbul for most of their l...
  • Story #84 My Name Made Me Muslim; Tarik Preston
    on Nov 17, 2009
    "I worship God and I don't worship Jesus because I feel safer worshipping God!"My name is Tarik Preston. I embraced the religion of Islam in 1988 at the age of 19.The story of how I came to embrace Islam is not a very long story, and in many respects...
  • Is Noordin M Top Still Alive...?
    on Aug 13, 2009
    The certainty of man suspected of terrorist leader Noordin M Top, finally clear. The DNA tests show that a Militant killed in a weekend raid was not Noordin Mohammed Top. Police confirm that the man who died in the village Beji, District Kedu, Temang...
  • Story #83 A Roman Catholic Discovers Islam
    on Aug 13, 2009
    Alhamdulillah, I found and read this beautiful story and I read those who think that he, Frank Estrada, made the wrong desicion. May Allah guide more and more people to the truth... My name is Frank Estrada. I was raised a Roman Catholic. I was so de...
  • Visit Indonesian Year 2009 (Sanur Village Festival 2009)
    on Jul 25, 2009
    Bali's 4th Sanur Village Festival August 12-16, 2009, is shaping up to be bigger and better, inspired by its declared theme of "Life Marine."This year's event will be centered on a new four-hectare beachside venue on Jalan Mertasari to accommodate a...
  • Tempointeraktif.Com - Presiden: Ada yang Ingin SBY Tidak Dilantik
    on Jul 17, 2009
    Tempointeraktif.Com - Presiden: Ada yang Ingin SBY Tidak DilantikShared via AddThis...
  • Bomb blast in Jakarta
    on Jul 17, 2009
    Two Explosions in Ritz-Carlton and JW Marriott Hotels in Mega Kuningan area, Jakarta, early Friday (17/7), killed at least six people and tens of others were injured, but the number of the victims might change as identification process is still going...
  • Obituary: Natalia Estemirova
    on Jul 16, 2009
    Famous human rights activists of Russia, Natalia Estemirova, rapt in Chechnya on Wednesday and found shot dead in the forest area in the North Caucasus. We are very sad over her death and hope that the murderer could be arrested immediately.Her work...
  • Story #82 Abdul-Lateef Abdullah (Steven Eric Krauss)
    on Jul 7, 2009
    My experience in Islam began as a graduate student in New York City in 1998.Up to that point in my life, for 25 years, I had been a ProtestantChristian, but had not been practicing my religion for quite some time. Iwas more interested in “spiritual...
  • The faster the better
    on Jun 22, 2009
    Popularity of presidential candidate Jusuf Kalla-wiranto (JK-Win) increased in mid-June 2009 period compared to May 2009. JK-Win’s popularity increased by 4.83 percent to 17.20 percent last week, up from 12.37 percent last month, a survey says. The...
  • Irrawaddy Doplhins nearly extinct
    on Jun 19, 2009
    Sumatran elephants, orangutans, eagle and other rare animals more endangered due to hunting and also damage of the protected forest. In fact, animal and human conflict doesn’t only happening in indonesia. According to international conservation gro...
  • Story #81 American Priest Converts
    on Jun 19, 2009
    I have less non Muslim friends now as I cannot participate in the activities that they choose to do for fun but I have developed valuable friendships with Muslim brothers that are better than anything I have had in the past. Insha Allah, if Allah cho...
  • Suramadu Bridge
    on Jun 17, 2009
    The Suramadu Bridge, also known as the Surabaya–Madura Bridge, also known as jembatan Suramadu, is a bridge with three cable-stayed sections constructed between Surabaya on the island of Java and the town of Bangkalan on the island of Madura in Ind...