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Vinod Singh's blog, about Java development.

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  • Why NoSQL is in fashion?
    on Sep 7, 2011 in NoSQL
    Couple of years back NoSQL was relatively unheard term. It has become a new buzzword in town, catching people's imagination. Almost all big daddies of Internet (Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Twitter, Amazon, Linked-in etc.) are using NoSQL at massive scal...
  • Blessed with a baby girl
    on Apr 21, 2011
    It has been an year since I blogged last time. last one year was very hectic for me both at workplace and home. There was tons of workload at office at times eating into weekends. We were expecting a baby, so I have to take additional responsibilitie...
  • JAX-WS Web service with Maven
    on Apr 12, 2010 in Java Maven WebService
    One of my earlier post Building JAX-WS Webservice was using Ant as build tool for developing web services. With each passing day Maven is gaining more popularity and became preferred build tool for many developers. I used to get emails from several r...
  • m2eclipse plugin makes M2_REPO variable non modifiable in Eclipse
    on Feb 25, 2010 in Maven
    Yesterday for first time I installed m2eclipse plugin and all of a sudden projects failed to compile. I was using Maven for quite long time hence adding all library dependencies for a project using a variable named M2_REPO, which was pointing towards...
  • Remove old images of Linux (Ubuntu) kernel
    on Feb 17, 2010 in Linux
    Development of Linux is quite fast paced and new versions of kernel are released pretty frequently. I have a dual boot desktop with Ubuntu and Windows XP. With each update grub boot menu keeps on growing and I have to make Windows XP default OS as de...
  • Share a datasource among several applications in Tomcat using Atomikos
    on Jan 11, 2010 in Java Atomikos JTA Tomcat
    In a previous post I discussed about how to use Atomikos JTA implementation in Tomcat. We had a requirement of sharing a globally defined datasource among several applications deployed in Tomcat container. The datasource lookup from the one applicati...
  • Start Apache as service in Linux (Fedora)
    on Dec 23, 2009 in Linux Apache
    The Apache HTTP server is installed by default in all Linux distributions and it is configured to run as service. I usually prefer to install Apache from source instead of using the default one. After installing Apache I want to run that instance as...
  • Send XML data over web service
    on Dec 10, 2009 in Java WebService
    Occasionally I am being asked a common question, "How to send XML data over web service?". In Java (in fact in any programming language) XML is just a string (sequence of characters). So sending XML as request parameter or receiving it in response is...
  • JTA Transactions with Atomkios in Tomcat
    on Dec 1, 2009 in Java Atomikos JTA Tomcat
    Tomcat is the leading Java Servlet container. Many of our applications do not need full blown Java EE Application Server and a Servlet container like Tomcat is more than enough to run them even in production. Some of our applications need JTA transac...
  • Migrating from Bugzilla to Redmine
    on Oct 4, 2009 in Redmine
    It has been a while since I started evaluating Redmine and later started using as well. Earlier we were using Bugzilla for issue tracking, which contains good amount of data (current and historical as well). This data can't be left behind just for th...
  • 403 Forbidden with wget
    on Sep 22, 2009 in Http Linux
    We have few shell scripts, which access some HTTP URLs using wget as part of some task. wget failed to access some of the URLs with error message like below- Resolving Connecting to||:80...
  • Few more notes about Redmine installation
    on Sep 6, 2009 in Linux Redmine
    This is in continuation to earlier post Getting started with Redmine where I jotted down my experience about installation of Redmine and other required packages. When I attempted to install Redmine in another machine with slightly different configura...
  • Redmine with Subversion 1.6
    on Aug 24, 2009 in Redmine SVN
    Recently I updated SVN client to 1.6.x from 1.5.x on the machine where Redmine was installed. After this change Redmine stopped fetching further revisions from SVN repositories for existing projects and for new projects it was showing following error...
  • Hudson: svn authentication cancelled
    on Aug 14, 2009 in Hudson SVN
    The Hudson was building all projects without any issues since it was installed. All of a sudden yesterday my inbox was filled with failure reports, Hudson was not able to build any of the projects. Logs were having stacktrace like mentioned below- E...
  • Yum hangs on Fedora 11 behind proxy
    on Aug 7, 2009 in Linux
    Yesterday I installed Fedora 11 on a new machine from a live CD. As usual I tried to update the system just after installation. This machine was behind a proxy server and http_proxy variable was configured to let yum get through proxy server. Yum han...
  • Updating a Linux box behind proxy server
    on Aug 4, 2009 in Linux
    Recently I had to update a Linux (Fedora 9 to be precise) box, which was behind a proxy server. To get through the proxy server I configured relevant environment variables as described here. After executing 'sudo yum update' command system seems to b...
  • Getting started with Redmine
    on Aug 3, 2009 in Linux Redmine Apache
    For sometime I was looking for a project management software, which can provide an integrated view of most of the project related artifacts/activities. Redmine was the most impressive tool, I came across. It has issue tracking, wiki, forum, documents...
  • Managing Maven repository with Artifactory
    on Jul 17, 2009 in Maven Artifactory
    It is close to one year, since we started using Maven as build tool for new projects. Overall experience with Maven has been very good. We are managing a simple disk based directory structure, which is served by Apache as local Maven repository. All...
  • Copy, move and delete files using Java
    on Jun 12, 2009 in Java
    DeleteDeleting files in Java is fairly simple, just one method call-   new File("file path").delete();Only caveat here is that 'non-empty' directories can not be deleted. Of course you will need to have write permission (required for all write oper...
  • Spell checking with FCKeditor
    on Jun 6, 2009 in PHP Linux Apache
    FCKeditor is an excellent tool for providing rich text editing experience on web. Best part is that it works almost out of the box, there is very little to configure. Spelling checking is an exception here. Though spell checking also works out of the...