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Asthma and Allergy is a blog where u can find all the information to deal with them. Different.. therapies, Futures Cures, Medications and all the information which help you know what you are.. dealing with.

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  • Allergies and Asthma linked to antibacterial products
    on Feb 17, 2011 in Research
    Antibacterial products containing Triclosan are found to put your health at risk and compromise the immune system's ability to defend itself. People who are most exposed to Triclosan are more prone to increased allergies, asthma and overall weaken...
  • Asthma Symptoms in Children Associated with Acetaminophen Use During Pregnancy
    on Feb 17, 2011 in Research
    Children whose mother's took acetaminophen while pregnant are more likely to have persistent symptoms of asthma at age five according to a new study by researchers at the Columbia Center for Children’s Environmental Health. The study was conduct...
  • Herbal Remedy Users Have Worse Asthma
    on Feb 17, 2011 in Survey
    Inner-city asthma sufferers who take herbal remedies tend to have worse symptoms and to use their inhalers less, researchers find. Do these patients rely too much on unproven herbal remedies? Or are they turning to alternative treatments because...
  • Newly discovered taste buds hold cure for asthma
    on Feb 17, 2011 in Research
    Scientists at the University of Maryland School of Medicine recently stumbled upon a most unexpected discovery. Taste buds, previously thought to only exist in the mouth, are in fact also present within the lungs. Accidentally uncovered during an...
  • What is the difference between COPD and asthma?
    on Feb 17, 2011 in Information
    Asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, or COPD, may have many similarities as far as symptoms are concerned, but they are very different conditions in terms of onset and reversibility. What is COPD? COPD is a term that refers to two...
  • Homeopathic - Aspidosperma for Asthma
    on Jan 25, 2011 in Drug
    If you are looking for relief from your asthma or emphysema symptoms, homeopathy has an alternative to conventional drugs. The Aspidosperma tincture, along with successful diagnosis of your condition, can provide you with a natural, long term cure...
  • Nasal Congestion can mean Severe Asthma
    on Dec 29, 2010 in Study
    Nasal congestion can be a sign of severe asthma, which means that healthcare professionals should be extra vigilant when it comes to nasal complaints. Furthermore, more severe asthma appears to be more common than previously thought, reveals a study...
  • Inhaled Corticosteroids increase Diabetes Mellitus Risk
    on Dec 29, 2010 in Research
  • Guidelines Call for Increase in Vitamin D
    on Dec 13, 2010 in Information
      New guidelines for vitamin D  call for increasing the recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of vitamin D to 600 international units (IU) for everyone aged 1-70, and raising it to 800 IU for adults older than 70 to optimize bone health. T...
  • New Food Allergy Guidelines Out
    on Dec 13, 2010 in Information
    Comprehensive new guidelines on food allergies are out from the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID). The new guidelines are directed at doctors to help them diagnose and manage food allergies. Experts say food allergies...
  • Is Your Asthma Well-Controlled? Find out with Asthma PACT!
    on Dec 13, 2010 in Service
    Use the free Asthma PACT™ (Personalized Assessment and Control Tool) to discover if your (or your child’s) asthma is under control, and learn ways to improve your quality of life.  What is the Asthma PACT™?  ...
  • Black Seed Oil and Asthma
    on Dec 7, 2010 in Research
    Asthma is thought to be caused by a number of environmental and genetic factors and is heavily influenced by the immune system. New research has shown that the oil of a tiny black seed from Western Asia may be the key to both the prevention and tr...
  • Montelukast (Singulair)
    on Dec 6, 2010 in Drug
    Montelukast is used as a long-term (maintenance) treatment to prevent or treat asthma. It may also be used in people older than 14 years to prevent asthma brought on by exercise (bronchospasm).This medication is also used to treat allergic rhinitis,...
  • Omalizumab for Asthma
    on Nov 30, 2010 in Drug
    Omalizumab (Xolair, Genentech) is a recombinant humanized IgG1 monoclonal anti-IgE antibody that binds to the IgE molecule at the same epitope on the Fc region that binds to FcεRI.11,12 This design means that omalizumab is not anaphylactogenic,...
  • Hayfever Symptoms And Remedies.
    on Nov 29, 2010 in Information
     Hay fever or allergic rhinitis is an allergic inflammation where the individual nasal airways becomes blocked when dust, allergen or pollen grains attack the nasal path. Most of the time, people with weak immunity are more s...
  • Eye Allergies
    on Nov 22, 2010 in Information
  • Asthma And Panic Attacks
    on Nov 22, 2010 in Research
    Asthma and panic attacks often go hand in hand. Studies have shown that there is a strong relationship between the two and people having asthma are often more prone to panic attacks. The finding is significant in the sense that it could pave new...
  • Asthma Differs in Rich, Poor Countries
    on Nov 19, 2010 in Research
    The link between childhood asthma and allergies may be twice as strong in rich nations compared with poorer countries. That's according to a new study from researchers including Gudrun Weinmayr, PhD, of Germany's Ulm University. They gathered da...
  • Spray Cleaners May Up Asthma Risk
    on Nov 19, 2010 in Research
    Using spray home cleaning products, even as little as once a week, may increase an adult's risk for developing asthma symptoms, a new study shows. Frequent use of aerosolized chemical cleaners has previously been linked to asthma in cleaning pro...
  • Neti Pot for Sinus
    on Nov 19, 2010 in Product
    With increasing pollution and chemicals in our environment, there is an enormous rise in the number of people who suffer various forms of nasal congestion and respiratory illnesses.  Alternative...