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Music specific web design and band marketing in Austin Texas. I like comedy, and I like to laugh. It keeps me young. I like to blog about my life. So far after 50 years it has been quite entertaining and I have a lot of crazy, insane and weird stuff to talk about. It never seems to stop..

I bitch about government, I moan and groan about not being able to stop smoking. I like to get a little buzz gound while working on my blog. Sometimes it improves your creativity, sometimes it makes you look stupid. Either way???

My blog is about 70s, 80s, Rant & Rave, Life before modern day technology, Whats gods email? Playing with toxic chemicals, Pictures of strange people, Growing up as a kid. My blog is about my life living in Austin Texas and how I am doing my part to help Keep Austin Weird.

I have been blogging for bands and musicians since blogging started. This blog is new and my very 1st personal one. I finally decided to make time to "git er dun". THANK YOU, Drew

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Growing up a teenager in the seventies without the modern technology of today. Running behind the.. mosquito fogger truck breathing toxic chemicals, Cooking TV dinners for 30 minutes before the.. invention of the microwave,and funny pictures.

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Ridiculous questions I have about life and reality. You do not have to be an expert at technical.. jargon, a scientific genius, or politically correct to answer my questions. You just have to be you.

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