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The blog discuss and provides the latest in Survey Layouts and Reportal Templates for the Confirmit.. platform.

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  • Confirmit 16: WI Templates Goodbye!
    on Feb 25, 2011
    With the upcoming release of Confirmit 16, some legacy features including Web Interview (WI) Templates will be removed and no longer supported by Confirmit. Surveys that are already launched with a WI template will continue to function as before, but...
  • Three new branded survey layouts
    on Jan 17, 2011
    The first three survey layouts in 2011 were released today featuring: Predefined placeholder for your brand Blue, green and orange color schemes (note: The color scheme of a Survey Layout can be adjusted to match your branding. More about our su...
  • 2-For-1 Holiday Special
    on Dec 20, 2010
    We are running a holiday special where you can license 2 at the price of 1:   Order 1 Survey Layout (SL) and get 1 for free, order 2 and get 2 for free Order 1 Question Skin (QS) and get 1 for free, order 2 and get 2 for free Order 1 Repo...
  • Survey Layout with Album Style Navigation
    on Dec 20, 2010
    Today we've released a new set of templates with Album Style Survey Navigation. The concept of the new Survey Layouts is to let respondents navigate in an interface they probably are familiar with.
  • Ready for a Game of Football (Soccer)?
    on Dec 13, 2010
    Today we released the Football/Soccer Question Skin for Confirmit (QS004) enabling you to create football/soccer games for your respondents using grid questions combined with Confirmit's slider feature. Check out the demo of the new question ski...
  • Reportal Week - Day 5: Deliver Pink Insight
    on Dec 10, 2010
    New pink Confirmit Reportal templates released on the day 5 of Reportal Week.  Have a great weekend!  :-) Pink #1 Confirmit Reportal Template (RT016) Pink #2 Confirmit Reportal Template (RT017) Pink #3 Confirmit Reportal Template (R...
  • Reportal Week - Day 4: Red Templates for Confirmit Reportal
    on Dec 9, 2010
    On the 4th day of Reportal Week we give you three red templates for Confirmit Reportal. Have fun! Red #1 Confirmit Reportal Template (RT013) Red #2 Confirmit Reportal Template (RT014) Red #3 Confirmit Reportal Template (RT015)...
  • Reportal Week - Day 3: Blue Reportal Templates
    on Dec 8, 2010
    Three more templates for Confirmit Reportal. Enjoy!  :-)   Blue #1 Reportal Template (RT010) Blue #2 Reportal...
  • Reportal Week - Day 2: The Magic Continues
    on Dec 7, 2010
    Following the release of three new Reportal Templates (Black #1-3) yesterday, the next three ones (Black #4-6) were released today on the second day of SurveyLayout's Reportal Week: Black #4 Confirmit Reportal Template (RT007) Black #5 Confirmit...
  • Introducing Buyout License
    on Dec 6, 2010
    SurveyLayout.com today announced the new Buyout License enabling businesses to (1) license a Survey Layout, Questions Skin or Reportal Template, and (2) prevent others from licensing the same one in the future. Prices and details follow below.
  • Live demo: The Basketball Question Skin
    on Dec 6, 2010
    Following our previous post (Can basketball enhance the survey experience?), we've received a lot of interest in and question about the Basketball Question Skin. For those of you who requested to see it live, enjoy your game (below).  ...
  • Reportal Week: Deliver magic report experiences
    on Dec 6, 2010
    This week is Reportal Week!  We will over the next five days develop and release three new Reportal Templates every day, a total of 15 by Friday.  The three first ones are already out. Black #1 Confirmit Reportal Template (RT004) Black...
  • Can basketball enhance the survey experience?
    on Nov 29, 2010
    The latest Basketball Question Skin for Confirmit enables you to turn a grid question into a basketball court with baskets (your scale) and of course a number of basketballs (your answer list). Grid question with grouped answer list above and...
  • Enhance the respondent experience with blue sky
    on Nov 23, 2010
    Why not enrich the respondent experience by adding a photo to the web survey background?  In our latest template Blue Sky #1 Confirmit Survey Layout (SL010), we have added a photo to the background and made the question area semi-tra...
  • Have you conducted a survey using PostIt notes?
    on Nov 18, 2010
    Maybe, maybe not. With SurveyLayout.com's latest PostIt Question Skin for Confirmit, you can now ask respondents to rate something, e.g. products or brands, by dragging and dropping PostIt notes onto a cork wallpaper scale. The Question Skin is bas...
  • How to quickly create a basic shopping interface for your respondents
    on Nov 15, 2010
    We are proud to introduce our first Question Skin template: The Shopping Cart Question Skin. The question skin supports use of both graphics (above) and text (below). The template enables you to quickly turn a Confirmit grid question (as shown b...
  • Do you plan to field a survey before or during the holiday season?
    on Nov 9, 2010
    Yes? Great! Why don't you try out our free Holiday Season Theme Survey Layout? We also offer branding services in case you want to customize it with your logo and color palette. ...
  • Deliver crisp reports on Confirmit Reportal
    on Nov 2, 2010
    We've just released a new template for Confirmit Reportal.  As always, we appreciate your feedback :-) Post a comment or email us at support@surveylayout.com. ...
  • Have you seen the Pink Panther respond to a survey?
    on Oct 20, 2010
    Probably not. And neither have we.  But we've just released a new Confirmit survey layout in Pink Panther theme colors. Check it out. ...