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I''m just a simple preacher, doing the Lords work
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A true story of the Lord Jesus removing a barrier of language between 2 people

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Other Tags: people, friends, spanish, help, love

Why things might seem to be going wrong.,but they're not. Its about who doesn't want you.. to speak out

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Other Tags: satan, problems, strong, fear, right

How a man and his wife is seen by God and how God thinks they should treat each other

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Speaking out to someone and the things that it could do for you and them

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Other Tags: love, helping, prison, darkness, Jesus

How to pray and then listen

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Other Tags: praying, listen, talking, GOD, JESUS

6 - trials

how I handle all the things the world throws at me

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Other Tags: help, world, problems, stress, love

Who has more fiction in their beliefs Christians or atheist?

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Other Tags: fiction, man, GOD, big bang, life

God makes things happen for a reason, if you roll with it good things always happen

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