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The Life Insurance Business in Pakistan was nationalized during March 1972. before that 32 Life.. Insurance Companies are working in Pakistan.

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  • About Medibank Life Insurance
    on Mar 20, 2011
    Medibank Life Insurance can provide up to $1.5 million of cover, depending on your age at joining, to assist your loved ones if the worst was to happen and you were no longer there to support them.With Medibank Life Insurance, you’ll get a list...
  • How Much Life Insurance Should I Buy?
    on Mar 20, 2011
    “I’m worth more dead than I am alive.” Most of us who own term life insurance have probably said this a number of times. It’s enough to make the average life insurance agent wince. The fact is that the average life insurance agent knows th...
  • Life Insurance Quotes
    on Mar 20, 2011
    We can provide you with over 15 different Australian Life Insurance Companies prices and quotes at a click of a button. Simply use the form on the right hand side and click ‘submit’ and you will be able to compare lots of different prices. Thi...
  • Life Insurance Cover
    on Mar 20, 2011
    There are several types of life Insurance cover available in Australia, the most popular Life Insurance policy is a ‘term life’ policy. This has replaced the ‘whole of life’ type policies. Typically a Term Life policy will cover you from t...
  • About EQUOTE Life Insurance Services
    on Mar 20, 2011
    Since 1998, EQUOTE has been providing our valued customers with the lowest cost affordable term life insurance products, including no medical and term life insurance from our California offices located in San Diego. We offer term life insuranc...
  • Medical Insurance News
    on Mar 20, 2011
    India gained its independence from Britain in 1947. That same year the large Muslim population of the country separated from the Hindu dominated nation of India and created an Islamic state in the form of Pakistan. The formation of Pakistan le...
    on Mar 20, 2011
    Do you need cover for High-value Buildings and Contents? EXECUTIVE HOME COVER FOR HIGH-VALUE BUILDINGS AND CONTENTSLegal & General introduces Executive Home Insurance provided by Sterling Insurance Company Ltd. Executive Home is tailor-mad...
  • Pakistan Insurance
    on Mar 20, 2011
    JS Group is the second-largest shareholder in the EFU Insurance Group, Pakistan’s largest insurance group.EFU Insurance Group was established in 1932 as the Eastern Federal Union Insurance Company and grew to become the largest life assurance com...
  • Life Insurance Options for Kids
    on Mar 20, 2011
    One of the questions we ran into a lot when we were working in the insurance business is, “Why should we put life insurance on our kids.” The answer, abrupt as it may sound, is quite simple: because they could die. Nobody wants to think about...
  • General Life Insurance
    on Mar 20, 2011
    General Life Insurance is your typical Life Insurance policy in Australia. With General Life Insurance you will be required to go through a series of underwriting questions to see if you qualify for cover. With General Life Insurance you are not g...
  • Don’t Be a Sucker – How to Avoid Life Insurance Fraud
    on Mar 20, 2011
    If there’s money involved, there are folks out there who will try to find a way to take it. It’s true in politics, in entertainment, in sports, and even in life insurance. While just about everyone can benefit from having a trem life insurance...
  • Term Life Insurance
    on Mar 20, 2011
    As the name implies, Term Life Insurance provides protection for a specific period of time and generally pays a benefit only if you die during the "term." Term periods typically range from one year to 30 years, with 20 years being the most common...
  • Should I Borrow Money from My Life Insurance?
    on Mar 20, 2011
    We’re living in tough times right now. With unemployment hovering dangerously close to double digits and credit harder and harder to come by, many are wondering just what they’re going to do for extra cash, especially with the holiday season u...
  • It’s a Boy! (Now Buy Life Insurance)
    on Mar 20, 2011
    You’ve just had your first baby boy. Or maybe it was a little girl. Either way, congratulations. You don’t need us to tell you that life is going to change, and change quickly. You’ve no doubt already become accustomed to the idea of sleeple...
  • Auto Insurance
    on Mar 19, 2011
    NC auto policies are issued with state-mandated industry-wide coverages.  **See policy for restrictions.1 Deductible Savings BenefitSM is not available in all states. In NY, drivers must pay a state-required minimum deductible before using this...
  • What is Life Insurance?
    on Mar 19, 2011
    Life insurance is a form of insurance that pays monetary proceeds upon the death of the insured covered in the policy. Essentially, a life insurance police is a contract between the named insured and the insurance company wherein the insurance compa...
  • 5 Life Insurance Questions You Should Ask
    on Mar 19, 2011
    f you're in the market for life insurance, you might have been tempted by those ads claiming that "for just a few dollars a day, you can protect your family with $1 million in life insurance!" It sounds like a great deal, doesn't it? These ads typ...
  • Submit url
    on Mar 19, 2011
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  • How Is a Whole Life Insurance Premium Calculated?
    on Mar 19, 2011
    A whole life insurance premium is the money paid to a life insurance company in exchange for the company’s promise to pay a set amount in accordance with the policyholder’s instructions, upon the death of the insured person. Many factors aff...
  • Postal Life Insurance
    on Mar 19, 2011
    Postal Life Insurance is the oldest organization of its kind in the Subcontinent. Established by the British Raj in 1884, initially to assure the lives of postal mail runners, its services were gradually extended to other g...