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a new dad posts his multi-media heart out!

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recipes made easy for lovers who are 2 busy gettin' bizay' to buy a proper cookbook or.. to ever leave their steamy-windowed love nests

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  • progress
    on Dec 17, 2009 in DDoD
    last march we visited the world trade center site to see how construction was coming along. we posted a video (construction) back then detailing our experience. I was very happy to learn that daily coverage of the site's progress is now available...
  • shucks
    on Dec 11, 2009 in DDoD
    enjoy! Click image to PLAY VIDEO.
  • happy birthday to my mom "lillian".
    on Dec 4, 2009 in DDoD
    mom, we had an unpleasant phone call a few days ago. forgive me for that, as i have forgiven you. (nothing big, just a philosophical difference 'bout formality.) last night, your call on the subject of "cooking" made everything right. i dare say, "fr...
  • thanksgiving
    on Nov 25, 2009 in DDoD
    this thanksgiving we are most thankful for... "the muppets"! you don't need a toddler to love this! enjoy! oh, & happy thanksgiving! Click image to enlarge.
  • halloween
    on Nov 2, 2009 in DDoD
    hoping this finds you well, ddod Click image to enlarge.
  • lemonay
    on Oct 15, 2009 in DDoD
    live a little, learn a little. dDod for iPod! ddod is now available as an iTunes video podcast. search the iTunes store for "DDoD" to subscribe. enjoy! Click image to PLAY VIDEO.
  • the kindness of neighbors
    on Oct 7, 2009 in DDoD
    the label: della wear the look: hippie-rodeo-clown location: javitz playground, washington heights, nyc oct. 07, 2009. thus far, most of della's clothing has been either handed down or gifted from family & friends. this latest outfit (plus a full...
  • paper covers rock (17th century subprime)
    on Sep 16, 2009 in DDoD
    tell me a story! ok, but just a short one. enjoy! Click image to PLAY VIDEO.
  • share & share alike
    on Sep 5, 2009 in DDoD
    what else can be said about it? happy labor day! enjoy the weekend! Click image to enlarge.
  • my girlfriend's back!
    on Sep 3, 2009 in DDoD
    was getting a little bit inundated with fatherhood this week. the last thing i wanted to hear or talk about would have been breast milk, tantrums, or diapers. then, out of nowhere, daria sent me an old email story i wrote for her during our courtshi...
  • present
    on Aug 28, 2009 in DDoD
    something new! (kid d part 2) Click image to PLAY VIDEO.
  • soul glo
    on Aug 17, 2009 in DDoD
    ohhhh, a short video from "silly town"! enjoy! Click image to PLAY VIDEO.
  • the little red lighthouse
    on Aug 14, 2009 in DDoD
    joy! Click image to PLAY VIDEO.
  • alphabet city
    on Aug 6, 2009 in DDoD
    sonia sotamayor was confirmed today to be a justice of the supreme court. she is a self described "nuyorican", an intellectual & creative blend of her new york roots and her puerto rican heritage popularized by the "nuyorican movement" of the 1960'...
  • take the A train
    on Aug 3, 2009 in DDoD
    summer in the city, in 3 stops. enjoy the video! Click image to PLAY VIDEO.
  • ghost story
    on Jul 18, 2009 in DDoD
    meet "roy"! (my dad & della's "pop-pop"). enjoy! Click image to PLAY VIDEO.
  • thus spake della-thustra
    on Jul 11, 2009 in DDoD
    so much new video, where to begin? in the meantime, enjoy this ABC song that daria and i put together "with a little help from our friend"! Click image to PLAY VIDEO. enjoy!
  • unruly yards
    on Jun 17, 2009 in DDoD
    what the what? i got scooped by my hometown newspaper? we know a lot about daria's family from DDoD but not too much about mine. so, we were working on a DDoD piece about my dad when this video appeared in my hometown newspapers website. York Dail...
  • one good thing
    on Jun 14, 2009 in DDoD
    "i geeve and i geeve... ...what you geeve me in return?" overheard on the subway today. we've got more than a few people subscribed to the DDoD blog. today, i ask for something of you. using the "comment" link below, tell me one good thing, anyth...
  • kid d
    on Jun 7, 2009 in DDoD
    this thing of ours... ...the ecomomy that is! Click image to PLAY VIDEO.