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I am.I grew up in rural northern Virginia .I grew up in a non-denominational church that started as small groups of couples who later joined together .I went through a really tough part in my life from the time I was a boy till a few years ago. I struggled with depression,constant illness,and drug and alcohol abuse. But God was always there watching over me,walking with me and many times carrying me through the dark. I was angry at the world,friends,the government injustice,etc. Over a year ago i started to attend a local church and God began to change me and It hasn't been overnight,but I have been overcoming things one by one. I am a musician,I played the piano and trombone when I was a boy and now I guitar and play keys.Ive been in several bands.Right now I am working on a project called "letyourlightshine";I am writing songs to praise God in more modern ways to reach people like myself who fell into darkness.I long to see the spirit of God move powerfully through America to heal the sick and to bind up the broken hearted.I am not here to condemn others or to pass judgments,I strongly believe in free-will(God does as well,he is not a mean God),liberty,and rights that are God-given instead of from man(those can be taken away)I am a strong supporter of our constitution and after many years of being around people who dislike(more likely they hate it) the country that has given them so much,I consider myself a patriot,and I realize how very lucky I am. While I know we are far from perfect and that we have done and continue do take part in evil things,I also know that if I want to go down to the street,I can yell whatever I want(obviously not inciting violence)without secret police arresting me,torturing me then murdering me.(at least not yet)I have for a long time seen forces at work in America that want to destroy it. I however am making my stand for my family,the country that has given me so much and God whom loves us all.I know that a "new world order" will not treat freedom or Christians kindly.
Now as a thirty year old man I have heard liberties cry. I have heard it and with the grace of God I hope others will stand together,regardless of age,sex,race,political opinions,ect. to turn back towards the God of Abraham who has blessed us so much.
I hope we as a nation will not embrace humanism more than we already have.I hope their will be revival in this land.I hope we see that Israel is our Allie,and that we CANNOT,must not turn our backs on them.
I get passionate about freedom and my heavenly father because I was in utter darkness and pain,I cried out to God and he listened.I say these things not to alienate myself from others or to make it seem like I am better than anyone.I have friends who do not believe the same as me,so please don't let my faith dissuade you from checking out my blog.
I just wanted to express that there is hope,and that God is real and he longs to know you
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I want to bring people together to praise God and to stand for the liberty he has given us.I am.. working on 'new" praise songs.Discussions on life,God,and other timely issues as well.

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This blog is more for my writings on issues that are important for today.I have so far begun to.. address the uprisings in the middle east as well as Unions.But i will be touching on many subjects.

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