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Global Trust Enterprises - We are a leading supplier of Chemicals, Equipments, Spare Parts, Greases.. and Lubricants catering primarily to the Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries in the Middle East.. and North Africa Region.

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  • 2-Ethylhexylamine
    on Nov 3, 2011 in chemicals
    ProductIdentification:Synonyms                                    &nbs...
  • Tri-n-Hexyl Aluminum
    on Oct 28, 2011 in chemicals
    Product Identification: Tri-n-hexylaluminumMolecular Formula: C18H39AlMolecular Weight: 282.47 gram/moleCAS No. : 1116-73-0Tri-n-Hexyl Aluminum is a commercial product available as the neatpyrophoric liquid and as pyrophoric solutions in a variety of...
  • Ethylene Glycol
    on Oct 17, 2011 in chemicals
    ProductIdentification:Synonyms:  1,2Ethanediol; glycol; 1,2-Dihydroxyethane; Ethylene Alcohol; Ethylene DihydrateCAS No.: 107-21-1Molecular Weight: 62.07 g/molMolecular Formula: C2H6O2Produced by a non-catalytic hydration of ethyleneoxide and wa...
  • A Note On Diethanolamine
    on Oct 14, 2011 in chemicals
    Product Identification:Chemical Name: DiethanolamineMolecular Formula: C4H11NO2Molecular Weight: 105.14 g/molCAS No.: 114-42-2EINECS No.:203-868-0Diethanolaminealso known as DEA is an organic compound which is produced by a reaction of ethanolamine;i...
  • Article for Dewaxing Filter
    on Oct 3, 2011
    Application: • Equipment used to produce dewaxed oils and slack waxes• In Lube Oil manufacturing, the function is to separate the Raffinate from Furfural unit into wax and oil.Eimco-KCP solvent oil dewaxing filters are designed for the safe,...
  • Dimethyl Disulfide (DMDS) An Effective Product In The Sulfiding Process
    on Sep 28, 2011 in chemicals
    Product Identification:Chemical Formula : C2H6S2CAS# : 624-92-0Molecular Weight : 94.2 g/molePhysical and Chemical Properties:Physical State                      : Light yellow liquid with stimu...
  • Normal Pentane And Its Industrial Uses
    on Sep 23, 2011 in chemicals
    Product Identification:Molecular Formula: C5H12CAS: 109-66-0Molecular Weight: 72.15 grams/molePhysical and Chemical Properties:Appearance                               :  ...
  • Propionaldehyde And Its Uses In The Industry
    on Sep 16, 2011 in chemicals
    Product Identification:CAS No.: 123-38-6IUPAC Name: PropanalMolecular Formula: C3H6OMolecular Weight: 58.08 gm/ molePhysical and Chemical Properties:Propionaldehyde, %                      : ≥...
  • A Brief On Triethylaluminium (TEA)
    on Sep 12, 2011 in chemicals
    Product Identification:CAS: 97-93-8Molecular Formula: C6H15AlMolecular Weight: 114.16 gm/molePhysical and Chemical Properties:Appearance                      : Clear, colorless liquidAluminum Co...
  • Diethylamine And Its Varied Uses In The Industry
    on Sep 8, 2011 in chemicals
    Today amines are widely used in a number of different industries for multiple applications, such as production of dyes, manufacture of drugs and treatment of gas in natural gas refineries. Amines are organic compounds, which are derivatives of ammoni...
  • Calcium Stearate And Its Multiple Uses In The Industry
    on Sep 2, 2011 in chemicals
    Calcium Stearate is a metallic salt produced by saponification reaction of Calcium Base and Stearic Acid. It has multiple applications in different production processes varying from lubricants right down to food products. Chemicals are often added to...
  • Sulfolane - A Reusable Solvent With Numerous Applications
    on Aug 27, 2011 in chemicals
    Private transportation is not a problem today and that is because fuel is cheaper and has gotten easier to produce and extract. Almost every second person around owns a vehicle, even two or three at times and this again is not because he can afford t...
  • The Billion Dollar Polyethylene
    on Aug 23, 2011 in chemicals
    Polymers have been one of the most widely used materials in the industry today. They have been in use because of their customizable properties and flexibility which allows them to be molded into any form or shape and engineered to withstand even the...
  • Sasobit - The Additive For A Cleaner Future
    on Aug 18, 2011 in chemicals
    For decades, hot mix asphalt (HMA) had governed road and pavement construction all over the world. Hot mix asphalt was easy to produce but required a high temperature to maintain transportation and application to road surfaces. Hot mix asphalt also t...
  • The Uses Of Morpholine
    on Aug 12, 2011 in chemicals
    Morpholine is a colorless, hygroscopic liquid bearing the chemical formula O(CH2CH2)2NH. In appearance, it is colorless, clear and free of suspended matter. It has a characteristic amine odor that is detectable above 0.1 ppm. Morpholine has a maximum...
  • Earth Moving Equipment, How It All Began
    on Aug 9, 2011 in equipments and spare parts
    Earth moving equipment today is being utilized in a lot of applications all over the world, from mining to construction to agriculture, and even military applications. Ever wondered how such equipment came into use and why are they used on a large sc...
  • An Insight Into The Production And Refinement Of Aluminum
    on Aug 4, 2011 in equipments and spare parts
    Also known as one of the most widely recycled metals on earth, aluminum is naturally occurring, although in mineral form in bauxite ores. These ores need to be processed and unlike most other metals, it is rather difficult to extract aluminum from ba...
  • Hydraulic Vs Non-hydraulic Cement
    on Aug 1, 2011 in lubricants and greases
    Cement is technically a binder a chemical substance made to either hold itself to take up a form or to hold two other objects together. With an existence that traces back to the Romans, it initially consisted of a mixture of crushed rock and lime whi...
  • Steel - Its Inception And Where It Is Today
    on Jul 25, 2011 in steel
    Steel  is an alloy that is made of a mixture of mainly iron and 0.2% to 2.1% carbon. The production of iron plays a major role in the process of making steel. Carbon in turn is the alloying material used for alloying iron. Chromium, manganese, t...
  • Nylon Its Creation And Applications
    on Jul 19, 2011 in chemicals
    Created during World War II to replace the silk which was used in World War II parachutes, this synthetic polymer unlike others was designed for the purpose and then used in multiple applications. During World War II the production of silk including...