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Ann - A Friend of Jesus 2013


Sharing life through the Word of God with love, encouragement and faith in challenging times (smile).

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Follow was originally created to chronicle my Spiritual Journey as a recently Ordained.. Minister, but has ended up being a repository for my “Morning Emails to God” that I post each.. day to my Facebook Wall.

Tags: Faith, God, Inspiration, Spirituality, Emails to God


Religion of Islam

Tags: spirit, soul, heaven and hell, nur muhammad, jinn


Encouragement from the Bible about God's love and positive designs for your life. Each post.. takes a verse of scripture and offers a meditation of comfort and hope.

Tags: Bible, God, love, hope, encouragement


bersama mengaktualisasikan kehidupan yang lebih Islami

Tags: Asmaul Husna, Rasulullah, Allah, Hukum Syariat, Free Download


I am a Christian, wife, mother and homemaker aiming to live up to the standards set out in Proverbs.. 31 and Titus 2. My blog is about these things.

Tags: christianity, marriage, motherhood, children, homemaking


Examining the politics and events of the day in light of the Throne of God

Tags: Jeremiah, Sovereignty of God, Throne of God


Latest free islamic wallpapers,islamic photos,islamic background wallpapers,islamic images,islamic.. quotes,islamic hd wallpapers,free wallpapers

Tags: islamic wallpapers, islam wallpapers, free islamic wallpapers, free islamic wallpapers downloads, free islamic wallpapers


Celebration of Knowledge and Goodness. Adventurous Christian Lifestyle Design. Empowering ordinary.. Christian men and women of all ages to seek and retain accurate knowledge and move forward toward.. their goals.

Tags: Christian Motivation, Independant Learning, Christian Think Tank, Christian Education, Individual Empowerment


Christian reflections on the journey from this earth to the next.

Tags: Christianity, devotionals, theology


Vicar of Kea Church in Cornwall. Writing about the Christian faith in general and the Church of.. England in particular. There's always hope!

Tags: Christianity, Anglican, Faith, Christian


"The Writing on the Wall" strives to challenge the Body of Christ to see the news,.. differently, namely when it pertains to issues of faith. What is God trying to say? Check the walls,.. the reality for the Body lies in the ink.

Tags: Christianity, faith, news, politics, God


Judaism has ethnic components, national components and national aspirations. It is linked to a.. particular land, it is connected to a particular language, and in this context, it is different from.. the other great religions.

Tags: jewish beliefs, judaism, jewish bible, judaism today, babbalah


Positive poems and prayers by an everyday guy who writes prayers to worship and honor God and poems.. to help others come close to God.

Tags: prayer, poem, devotional, bible, faith


Two women who married men who want to become rabbis blog about their Jewish experience and the.. experience of becoming rebbetzins.

Tags: Jewish, women, rabbi, personal


Here is Jack’s collection on how to hear God. Jesus said His sheep hear His voice. Learning to.. hear God’s voice is invaluable to overcome financial crisis, relationship/marital problem,.. sickness and whatever sufferings we have, living victoriously.

Tags: christianity, hearing God, overcomers, audio messages, revival


quran blog, islam blog, online quran blog, islamic article, blog, muslim blog, eman blog, tajweed.. quran, islamic literature, hadith, namaz

Tags: quran blog, islam blog, muslim blog, learn quran online, read quran online


The Holy Quran read by Ibrahim Walk (English Only), MP3 files + PDF (The English translation revised.. and edited by Saheeh International.)

Tags: Islam, Quran, audio, spirituality, English


Stories and tales that teach morals and illustrate Bible truth. They are suitable to read to kids,.. use in classroom, or when giving a talk.

Tags: Bible illustrations, fables, moral story, teaching illustration, lesson illustration


Inspirational Devotional Encouraging Christian living

Tags: Christian inspirational, Life in Christ, Christian blog, Devotional, Christian living


all tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent

Tags: Islam, Muhammad, Qur'an, Jihad, Muslim


"All miracles mean life, and God is the Giver of life. His Voice will direct you very.. specifically. You will be told all you need to know." (ACIM Page 1)

Tags: Miracles, Spiritual, Jesus Christ, Worship, Christianity


Biblical prophecy messages

Tags: religion, prophecy, bible, prophets, scripture


Each day I continue to grow in my faith as God teaches me new things about my purpose and place in.. this world.

Tags: faith, divorce, legalism, grace


learn quran, read quran, quran, learn islam, learning quran online, Learn Quran Tajweed, Quran.. Memorization , Quran Recitation Online, Quran tutor Online, Quraan Qur'aan

Tags: quran, koran, isamic education, articles, live tutor


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Tags: holiday christmas cards, merry christmas cards, christmas gift cards, old christmas cards, cheap christmas lights


Shaman Medicine Woman working with Agni Lord of Fire to share, teach, and heal.


This blog site is for those who wish to learn Magick. It is for the true searcher of the wisdom of.. the earth.

Tags: Magick, spirit, wicca, witchcraft, ritual


Christian reflections on life, spirituality and everything from a moderate evangelical-charismatic.. viewpoint with a distinct missional slant.

Tags: Christian, Methodist, evangelical, missional, charismatic


eChurchWebsites Christian Blog covering the news, politics, media, law, religion, science, medical,.. education, internet, technology, Israel and more for the Church

Tags: christian, israel, messianic, jews, catholic


Musings and opinions on almost any topic, but focused mainly on spirituality,politics, activism, and.. some poetry. Also included will be sites that i find informative and interesting.

Tags: spirituality, politics, activism, poetry, musings

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