I like to rant about things that annoy me in between posting humorous pictures, videos and links.

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Latest Blog Posts for TheUtterBastard

  • So, I wear glasses now...
    on May 12, 2011
    ... Which means you are free to wear glasses, content in the knowledge that it's acceptable, now that I do it and all. Imagine a chubby Charles Bronson wearing nerd glasses and you'd be on the right track. What's that, you're suddenly and uncontrolla...
  • How about that for an intermission.
    on May 11, 2011
    So I'm back. I haven't posted in a couple of weeks because... well... fuck it, none of you actually know me so I can tell the truth without having to look you in the eye afterwards so here goes. I had a mid-life crisis. I know, you're thinking "I tho...
  • Hungover again?
    on Apr 17, 2011
    You know it son! Wiser men than I have said that the key to a fulfilling life is to do what makes you happy, well, drinking all the time makes me happy and if that means I'm going to die before I'm 30 then at least I'll go out stinking of whiskey and...
  • Weekend links yo!
    on Apr 16, 2011
    As always at the weekend, I'm dangerously hungover and as such I have no intention of putting effort into writing up a well constructed and thought provoking critique of modern life the likes of which you've come to expect from me so I'll hit you wit...
  • The reason so many people are unemployed...
    on Apr 14, 2011
    ... Is because job applications nowadays are almost impossible to get through without thinking about killing yourself at least twice. Long gone are the days when a job application required that you fill in some personal details, an overview of your e...
  • Hump day link session.
    on Apr 13, 2011
    I've been spending the majority of my day cleaning the house (I know, who'd have thunk right?! I am, believe it or not, a bit of a "clean freak" or as I call it "someone who doesn't like to live like an animal or a grunge guitarist") so I haven't rea...
  • If you don't understand what libraries are for then you shouldn't be in one.
    on Apr 12, 2011
    People who make unneccessary noise in libraries deserve to be put in prison. In with all the nonces because they are no better. Whilst I know that my dream of incarceration for those who insist on being noisy in an environment that makes specific ref...
  • So I asked her to get down on my johnson and she said "only if you link me out"...
    on Apr 12, 2011
    Oh. Wordplay. Ha.The pictures pictures of celebrities with Steve Buscemis eyes started surfacing last week but I'm still finding them amusing. You'll find a link to the full gallery below a few of my favourites.  This doesn't even look 'sho...
  • Something is rotten in the state of Denmark...
    on Apr 8, 2011
    That something is the fact that I don't have any of these to hang on the wall of my fuck-laboratory or wear around my neck like a goddamn sandwich board while I'm walking around shouting esoteric insults and non-sequiturs at strangers and motherfucke...
  • Old people are dicks.
    on Apr 7, 2011
    They really are. I suffered the misfortune of having to go to the supermarket today and because it was a Thursday afternoon and all the normal people were at work or at home sniffing glue the place was packed full of people who should have had the de...
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