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Latest Blog Posts for HariGeek | Computer Tricks | Blogger Tips and Hacks | SEO | Social Media

  • 20 Things You Can Do To Improve Your Blog’s Usability
    on Feb 21, 2014 in Blogger Tips and Tricks
    Your blog’s usability – how would you define it? Would it be the ease with which your site operates, or would it be the ease of use of your product? Here’s how we define it; everything that works towards reducing your visitor’s frustration an...
  • Export Datatable into csv
    on Oct 7, 2013 in .Net C#.Net
     Introduction:While working on .net projects you may get a situation where you need to export data into csv (Comma Separated Value) file format. There are so many ways of doing this and different programmers use to do it on different ways depend...
  • Get current page URL using JavaScript
    on Aug 9, 2013 in Javascript
    IntroductionIn our web application sometimes we require current page URL on client side, like when we share any script or perform any action according to the page name.Here I am sharing the demo code to get the current page URL using JavaScript:Codev...
  • C#.Net: Create CheckBoxList Dynamically (In Runtime)
    on Jul 24, 2013 in .Net C#.Net
    This is how you can create CheckBoxList in run time in C#.Net.aspx Code:<asp:Panel ID="PnlControl" runat="server"> </asp:Panel>C# Code:CheckBoxList cd = new CheckBoxList();cd.CssClass = "llcDynamicCheckbox";cd.ID = "llcDynamicCheckbox";cd...
  • Create Checkbox using C#.Net dynamically
    on Jul 19, 2013 in .Net C#.Net
    This is how you can create Checkbox dynamically in run time in C#.Net.aspx Code:<asp:Panel ID="PnlControl" runat="server"> </asp:Panel>C# Code:for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++) {     CheckBox chkList1;  &n...
  • SQL SERVER – FIX : Error 3154: The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing database
    on May 8, 2013 in SQL Server
    One of my friend came to me with this error just a few days ago while restoring the database:Error 3154: The backup set holds a backup of a database other than the existing database.Solution is very simple and not as difficult as we were thinking. H...
  • Response.Redirect throws “Thread was being aborted”
    on Mar 21, 2013 in .Net
    Response.Redirect causes the browser to redirect to a different URL. It does so by sending a 302 – Object Moved to the browser, requesting it to do another roundtrip to the new page. Here is an example: protected void Page_Load(object sende...
  • Truncate Table with Foreign key constraint
    on Feb 21, 2013 in SQL Server
    Cannot truncate table 'table' because it is being referenced by a FOREIGN KEY constraint.Solution for the above issue is below:Delete from <tablename>DBCC CHECKIDENT(<tablename>,RESEED,0)...
  • Effective Ways to Get People Interested in Reading Your Blog
    on Jan 20, 2013
    After working on your blog, diligently writing great content, and posting routinely, you are disappointed that no one is reading it. In all likelihood, people are most likely not reading your blog simply because they cannot find it. The problem is no...
  • How to make your profile stand out in LinkedIn
    on Dec 13, 2012 in How to
    You may not be aware of it but the truth is that it is the LinkedIn profile, which is making it all the more difficult for you to land on a high paid job. Of course, I am not saying that your LinkedIn profile is making your online presence look bad o...
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