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Latest Blog Posts for The Daily Tube

  • Koreans - Consuming tissues since ages back
    on Jun 12, 2011 in Sing Amazing Competition
    Hey Guys,If you're a chump for this sort of thing, like myself, get tissues. Lots. It's going to be a long 8 minutes.Perspective is a powerful thing.Mike...
  • Old Man invades interview
    on Jun 4, 2011 in Old Man Invade Interview Weird Funny
    Hey Guys,So, this vid is blowing up at the moment, and if you haven't encountered it yet, you are bound to in the coming weeks.Personally, I love the way the guy comes towards the camera then just stops there for a bit. Absolutely, hilarious.So, what...
  • "Haaaay El Internet! El Internet! El Internet!
    on May 29, 2011 in Dance Music Video Internet wat Hilarious
    Hey Guys!Now, its time for a sing along! Come on, you know the words!"Haaaay El Internet! El Internet! El Internet!"I have NO words. I enjoyed myself thoroughly. Mike.
  • Botaoshi
    on May 28, 2011 in Botaoshi Sport Weird Japan
    Hey Guys,Introducing Botaoshi, the Japanese sport of "pole pull-down." Can the blue team pull down the white team's pole? See for yourself.WHAT JUST HAPPENED???
  • Unfortunately, the cutest thing I have ever seen
    on May 28, 2011 in Cute Kitten Cat
    Hey guys,Have had a long hiatus due to commitments - not much fun. And now, I come back to you, at the turn of the tides. To post a cat video.Yuck.I promise it will be better next time.Mike.
  • Useless Machine - Epic Battle
    on May 22, 2011 in Epic Battle Machine Awesome Useless
    Hey Guys,So, everyone has one of those gadgets in their house. You know, the ones you forget the purpose for completely, and that no one ever uses.Replace it with this. Immediately.Do it. DO IT.Mike.
  • Facebank... Lolwat
    on May 19, 2011 in WTF Facebank
     Hey Guys,So, I don't really have too much to say about this clip. Except that I screamed.What IS that I don't even.... UAAAGHHHHHHHWhy are Japan's standards for what is creepy as hell so low!Mike.
  • Kids, try this at home
    on May 17, 2011 in Phone Childrens Toy Funny
    Hey Guys,For me there is always something in children's toys that adults can enjoy, whether it is the intended use of the toy or not... well... just watch:Erhhmm...Mike.
  • Super Mario - He exists
    on May 16, 2011 in Baseball Mario Win Awesome Streaker
    Hey guys,So, you know Super Mario - Scruffy lookin plumber fella, you know him like this:Turns out he was based off a real guy - Check it out:Maybe not quite how you expected, but I have SO much respect for that guy!Mike.
  • Angry Birds - Never hated it so much
    on May 15, 2011 in Annoying Angry Birds
    Hi everyone,So, since I need to avoid the Dog Tease video like the plague, I thought I'd post up a vid that annoys the s&@# out of me instead... I never really jumped on the angry birds bandwagon, mainly since I don't have an Iphone.. Yeah that i...
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