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Latest Blog Posts for Techy News Now!

  • My New Blog. My Blog has been moved.
    on May 25, 2011
    I have a new and improved blog at feel free to check it out and subscribe there for daily new posts!
  • May 9th! Gadgets! Phones! Apple! Social! Security! Gaming! App News!Gadget News! 5 Best Gadgets this article does have some cool topics. the World's Quietest PC is pretty sweet. incredibly powerful and dead silent. could they be lying? maybe. it has 2 quad-core processors... and is silent? hard to believe.
  • May 5th! Gadgets! Phones! Apple! Social! Security! Gaming! & Apps News!
    on May 5, 2011
    Gadget News! Top 9 Reasons You Should use a Tablet interesting information, but i dont think that 11% of people with a tablet use it because it has a fast speed. I do understand that they are easy to carry, convenient, and have a lighter weight than...
  • New Layout! Gadgets! Phones! Apple! Social! Security! Gaming! Apps!
    on May 2, 2011
    Gadget News! RIM determines BlackBerry Sales Slipping - basically, its saying that blackberry phones sales are slightly decreased, but they are still going to make profit quotas with the Blackberry Playbook next quarter. so, they took a hit when...
  • More Techy News Today! Sony! PSN! Hack! Lawsuits!
    on May 2, 2011
    Today is ALL Sony News! Sony Lost Account Information on 24.6 Million Consumers -12,700 Credit Card Numbers were taken along with this customer information. the stolen credit card information was traced to japanese and european accounts, so make sure...
  • Hey Guys Check out the Volkswagen Moog!
    on May 2, 2011
    Volkswagen Moog - this future electric "car"- if you can even call it that- is designed based on audio and visual electronic music. the link shows what the future Moog might sound like. just thought it was a cool link, and a cool new vw is always ok...
  • Lowest Murder Rates in 48 Years!
    on May 1, 2011
    I know this isn't techy news, but I ran across this during my blog research of the day and I thought you might enjoy this as well. We have the lowest murder rates since 1963. seriously... thats incredible...think about it... its been 48 years si...
  • Verizon News - "We Can Track You!" Sticker
    on May 1, 2011
    Verizon is going to put a warning "we can track you!" sticker on phones i guess it is generally a good idea, but keeping that in mind, they are pretty much just dismissing the fault with "hey look, its okay, we're telling you that we are still t...
  • White Iphone AND Better Photography?!? How could that be?
    on Apr 30, 2011
    White Iphone is thicker than its black counterpart... which is odd considering i didnt think there would be any more hardware in the new phone, but i think that the white iphone is a much cooler design and is worth the 0.2mm thicker design. Check out...
  • Nokia's NEW Tablet, Different or the same?
    on Apr 30, 2011
    Nokia is building an intriguing tablet. Everyone has a new tablet on the market or on the way, why shouldn't Nokia? Nokia came up with the idea for a real idea tablet. from the looks of it, its not just another tablet and its price tag should be lowe...
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