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Latest Blog Posts for Hygiene Today

  • Medicinal facts of tomato fruit
    on Feb 18, 2012 in Fruits
    When you come across the name tomato what strikes in your mind? Hmm let me guess, its nothing but Tomato sauce and salads an yummy delight's that everyone loves to eat isn't it. Tomato is one of the major crop in India. Have you heard about Bilati...
  • Malaria death twices than the previous year
    on Feb 8, 2012 in News
    As per the statical report the malaria deaths has been increased twice this year comparing to the previous year worldwide. The WHO (World Health Organization) has listed that almost 655,000 death in 2010. The Database of Death in between 1980 to 201...
  • Food to feed your brain for a keen concentration
    on Nov 7, 2011
    Are you afraid of your memory? Don’t worry it is a part of aging, everything has a solution likewise the memory scarcity can be fixed with the food which you take every day.  Let’s see what are all the food would help us to boost our memory.
  • Dealfun
    on Oct 2, 2011 scam...
  • Are you a smoker? Beware of your health
    on Jul 31, 2011 in Smoking
    Hello smokers let me describe you the myths of smoking, then after decide whether you wanna smoke or not. Well i am a smoker and i love smoking, when i came to know about the facts of smoking which can make my health level to get spoiled rapidly,...
  • Necessity of sleeping and its Benifits
    on Jul 22, 2011 in Sleep
    Millions of the people are struggling to get a peaceful sleep in their daily life. As we are running behind the money we never go on to get a peaceful sleep. A recent statistics of WASM ( World association of sleep medicine ) shows that nearly 5...
  • Hiccups and its prevention
    on Jul 10, 2011 in Remidies
    Hiccups are known as "hiccoughs", and the name hiccups come from itself when it is made by us. The hiccups starts from a muscle which is located in the bottom of the chest. Hiccups are related to the diaphragm. Its functions are in related with inhal...
  • Depression Syndrome & its Causes
    on Jul 7, 2011 in Rest and relaxation
    Depression is a disorder or a syndrome. It is nothing but feeling sad, miserable, frustration, etc. This occurs to us sometime we feel it for a short period. The particular cause for the depression is not known still now, and some research explains t...
  • Hibiscus A Medicinal Plant
    on Jul 3, 2011 in Health
    The people in all ages are mainly affected by Blood Pressure, Sugar, Heart Diseases and depression this is been caused due to hypertension. Due to hypertension our body gets overheated, which increases blood pressure it disturbs the balanced cycle of...
  • Foods Which Gives Good Sleep:
    on Jul 2, 2011 in Health
    Sleep is one of the most essential activities in humans Life; if we don't get good sleep we get distracted from our work. While we sleep our brain and body becomes to a rest position, that's why when we wake up we feel refreshed and our tiredness wil...
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