Musings of a 20 year old student living in a world of her own, chasing her dreams. She lives for the day she will own a house on the beach and Will Smith will be her best friend. I write about life.

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Latest Blog Posts for Chasing dreams

  • RE-POST FROM 2010
    on Jun 24, 2011
    So I have just been reading over my previous blog posts and came accross this which I loved at the time and still do now. It's called 'You've got me laughing while I sing, you've got my smiling in my sleep'Also, I just want to take this opportunity t...
  • I want to travel
    on Jun 19, 2011
    I am currently sat in my living room 23:55 on a Sunday evening. I should probably be in bed but I can't help thinking about my first day at work tomorrow and my exam re-sits I have to revise for over this summer.But most of all I keep thinking about...
  • 'Expectation is the root of all heartache'
    on Jun 5, 2011
     - William ShakespeareI think this is the truest thing I have heard in a long time. Our expectations and our realities never really do match up. Not always. Not completely. Well mine don't anyway.When you seem to expect something, you tend t...
  • Still strong
    on Jun 1, 2011
    Sometimes people can say something and make you feel about one inch small and not even realise. Or maybe they do realise but just don't care...It plays on your mind like when you have a song stuck in your head but can't remember the title.It eats awa...
  • Life is the greatest teacher
    on May 24, 2011
    I was going to wait until after my exams before posting this but I just gotta get it out now. I'm in my second year of Uniiii-verrrr-sityyyy!!! I'll be finished in two weeks and before I know it I'll be starting third and final year. How friggi...
  • Feet up Friday
    on May 20, 2011
    Go and make a cup of tea, put your feet up and just listen to this song: "And our minds were meant to sailTake a rest from our thoughtsTake a break from this worldAnd we'll feel miles awayFrom the places that we used to be."Doesn't it make you just w...
  • 'What did you learn today? I learnt nothing...'
    on May 15, 2011 in Cool story bro
    Well actually, I did learn four very important things today as I was reading away at my textbooks:1. Stand up and stretch once in a while. Like proper stretch till all you bones click and you can literaly touch the ceiling.2. Sunday = Crap Food Day a...
  • My new love interest...
    on May 14, 2011
    In my bid to make revision more interesting I decided to listen to Radio1's Big Weekend this afternoon.It was pretty amazing, loved just listening to the live acts from the comfort of my student flat. It sure made Tort revision a bit more bearable an...
  • Day 06- Favorite super hero and why
    on May 1, 2011
    I was going to say Superman but I think i'll stick with good old Spiderman. I think because I like Peter Parker. He was just a regular guy who got bitten by a spider and now look at him. A bit more relateable? What the heck, he's just cool.My spidey...
  • The Royal Wedding.
    on May 1, 2011
    It happened. It finally happened, the Royal Wedding that has gotten everybody talking, and I mean everybody, happened on the 29th of April, 2011, with the BBC reporting more than 24 million viewers tuned in to see Catherine Elizabeth Middleton marry...
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