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Latest Blog Posts for Insurance Business

  • Personal loan - do they work
    on Aug 14, 2011 in types of loans
    We often see information concerning different types of loans with a variety of trade names, eg. consumer loans, loans to study, pay reforms, car loans, etc ... Although, typically, all are included in what we know as 'personal loan'. The personal lo...
  • What is Life Insurance? - What is it?
    on Jul 4, 2011 in life insured beneficiary
    - Many are concerned about economic problems, which may cause his death his family. His greatest fear is that both your spouse and children do not have the means or income to bear the funeral expenses, debts and living expenses to survive.Life Insura...
  • How much does a life insurance? - Compare and Choose
    on Jul 4, 2011 in check. the capital
    Compare prices, do not stay with anyone who saw it, check with several insurance agents, not to end up paying more than necessary. Ask your financial advisor or your lawyer, your family or friends who have taken out life insurance. It is important to...
  • Credit card free life insurance policy?
    on Jul 4, 2011 in account
    It's mil $Anyone know if these expire?I have mine in my fire prof , but never read the agreement.Is it good for just one year?Is it good as long as you have the card open only?Anyone ever read the whole 20 pages of fine print that come with this?- Yo...
  • Bank Loans - Requirements for applying forSurely you've ever seen the need to apply for bank loans, but may have had to retreat in fear of the number of requirements requested or fear of taking a legal commitment of this type. You should know that fortunately, the last time many banks have i...
  • What is Life Insurance? 2011
    on Jun 22, 2011 in life insurance money insured life
    Life Insurance acts as a safeguard against a possible situation of economic hardship and the beneficiary will receive a sum of money in case of his death. Giving comfort to his family. You by signing a contract with the insurer, the latter undertakes...
  • Some issues to recruit life insurance
    on Jun 22, 2011 in economic solvency interest
    1. The insurance company will sign the contract which should be a serious entity and recognized. And it must ensure a level economic solvency and stability. Remember that the insurance commitment is long term and you should demand guarantees.As menti...
  • Life insurance that is right for you?
    on Jun 22, 2011 in financial paying payment
    Choose insurance is not an easy task, but the right choice can mean significant savings. Remember, life insurance is a benefit not a burden. How long would need to be insured? How much do you need your family to live when you die.? Would you like to...
  • Who gets the life insurance? - In case of death
    on Jun 22, 2011 in paid
    The insured named a beneficiary. This should be informed of the existence of the policy, if any changes are made and where it is saved. Remember that the policy will be paid if the beneficiary makes a claim for payment after the death of the insured.
  • Why is it necessary to hire a Life Insurance
    on Jun 22, 2011 in tax economic pay
    The need for life insurance depends on your personal circumstances and economic conditions. The personal standards has taken into account are: a spouse, young children and you are responsible for their welfare?, Your parents are older or have a disab...
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