Sharing my adventures as my husband and I travel the USA. We've been on the road now for 2 years and plan to continue this as long as we're able to ably get in/out of our car! Life is short and we're seizing it by the short hairs-join us

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Latest Blog Posts for Happily Homeless

  • Back in the saddle moments..
    on Jul 14, 2011
          Yippee-ki-yay and all that-we're back in the saddle again, which is to say Happily Homeless is on the road again!! Can you tell I'm excited?  Its been a couple weeks now-we hightailed it out of NJ as expected-dr appt in...
  • my Academy "thank you" moment..
    on Jun 23, 2011
         I would like to thank the Academy.....what's that you say?  Oh, this isn't the awards ceremony where I claim my prize for "Holy Shit, What a Year its' Been?"  Oh, sorry. Well, I have something to say anyways.  Here...
  • an anticipated moment-
    on Jun 10, 2011
         So, here I am-53 years old!  I know I'm not the only one who feels that 53 isn't as old as it used to be.  When I think back to my parents and grandparents, any of the adults I knew as a kid, they seemed old before their...
  • oh, the moments...
    on May 31, 2011
         This has been a good month.  We've traveled from Jersey to Vermont to New Hampshire, and, in the process, spent time with our kids and grandkids, some of my siblings, and lots of friends.  There has been an unexpected me...
  • "Shakiest Hands..."
    on Apr 17, 2011
         I wish I could have a sense of humor all the time, but there are those small moments where, try as I might, instead of humor,  I head for meltdown.     Chuck is definitely recovering from all the surgeries, and...
  • a "hmm...." moment
    on Apr 3, 2011
         So, the worst of it is over, thankgodthankgodthankgod (even though I still really don't know how to pray).  Chuck is recovering beautifully-he had his 2nd surgery (which is really his 3rd when you account for the very first o...
  • Not a saint, not marching in...
    on Mar 18, 2011
         So, I hope I haven't sounded like I'm whining as people have gathered around since my loving husband's surgery.  If I have sounded like that, I most heartily apologize!! Definitely not my intent, and definitely not my persona...
  • these magical moments of the ICU...
    on Mar 10, 2011
         Ahh, the hisses and whines of various machines attached to my most beloved husband as I sit bedside of him in the ICU!  Today was a verrrryy long day, and I am seeing the true benefits of adrenalin.  At some point I'm ce...
  • my brain seemingly on steroids-but who needs them?
    on Mar 2, 2011
         My brain, last night (try to keep up here, it moved much faster than my typing will indicate):     Having taken a mucinex to help my irritating cough, which will not go away, so, at the early hour of 3 AM, I have me...
  • DIS-com-bob-U-lated moments...yet....ok...
    on Feb 26, 2011
         I have, at least for the moment, come in permanently off the ledge.  No more having to be talked down, or off-I am calm.  We've had good news re this Wilson character who has become a prime-time actor in our lives, but h...
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