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Latest Blog Posts for Pets Animals

  • Taking a Bite Out of Food Borne Illness
    on Feb 21, 2009 in Pets Animals Borne Food Illness
    While pet owners often take extra precautions in the kitchen when preparing food for their own meals, it is likely that the same hygienic habits are overlooked when handling their dog or cat’s food. Although the pet food scare of last year may...
  • How to Manage Seasonal Woes
    on Feb 21, 2009 in Pets Animals Manage Seasonal Woes
    With warmer weather just around the corner, now is the best time to take preventative measures against common complaints experienced among pets and owners alike… From aggravated allergies to prickly paws, more time spent outdoors can contribute...
  • Cats That Bite
    on Feb 21, 2009 in Pets Animals Bite Cats
    Unlike dog aggression, feline aggression for the most part is a playful activity. Cats seldom indulge in aggression without provocation, but they are likely to react aggressively if provoked too much. Unlike dogs, a fearful cat is more likely to try...
  • When Their Bark Isn’t Worse Than Their Bite
    on Feb 21, 2009 in Pets Animals Bark Bite Worse
    While a furry friend may usually make a great companion, they can sometimes act out of character with aggressive behavior-leading to nips, bites, and potentially even attacks. Often the underlying signs of aggression go unnoticed, but sometimes there...
  • Tips for Preventing Dog & Cat Bites in Children
    on Feb 21, 2009 in Pets Animals Bites Cat Children Dog Tips
    The Centers for Disease Control & Prevention estimates that over the last decade, the number of overall bite injuries increased by 33%, and children are three times more likely to suffer an animal-inflicted injury than adults. In addition, the at...
  • Biting Behaviors in Dogs
    on Feb 21, 2009 in Pets Animals Behaviors Biting Dogs
    As biting is a part of basic aggressive dog behavior (arising from an innate attribute of dogs to dominate a pack), it is necessary to determine whether this behavior has been initiated as a result of an interaction with the dog, or whether it is jus...
  • Spring Safety from the Inside Out!
    on Feb 21, 2009 in Pets Animals Safety Spring
    With spring just around the corner, the beginning of more hours of daylight in the next few weeks can bring us closer to our pets and families, as we often carve out a little extra time each day for recreation. To ensure continued health and well bei...
  • Is Your Pet Causing Your Wheezing?
    on Feb 21, 2009 in Pets Animals Causing Wheezing
    We all know allergies run rampant as spring approaches, for pets as well as their owners. But there is one allergy most dog and cat owners do not want to think of - a dreaded allergy to their beloved Fido or Fluffy. According to numerous studies, app...
  • Pet Ticks, Fleas and Stings
    on Feb 21, 2009 in Pets Animals Fleas Pet Stings Ticks
    With warmer spring weather arriving in the next few weeks, pet owners face an entire new set of challenges. While your pet was likely cooped up inside during the winter, the change in climate will soon likely bring your pet outdoors-also exposing it...
  • 10 Tips for Getting Rid of Pet Allergies Instead of Your Pet
    on Feb 21, 2009 in Pets Animals Allergies Pet Rid Tips
    1. Keep the pet out of the bedroom. We spend many hours in the bedroom sleeping, so by keeping the pet out of this room, exposure to allergens will be reduced significantly. 2. Grooming is key. The animal should be bathed weekly in order to reduce th...
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